OOTD: Independence Day

Today’s holiday was celebrated with a road trip and a very, very indulgent lunch.

Coincidentally, I found myself wearing the colors of the Philippine flag:


Red, White, Blue, and Gold

I took advantage of today’s rainy weather to wear one of my favorite marinièresIt’s made with a heavy, thick knit and the soaring temperatures this past summer means I don’t even remember the last time I wore it. I love this shirt so much that I have a second one in the navy and red colorway.

I paired that with dark blue jeans, a red bag with gold hardware et voila, coincidental tribute to today’s holiday. Ok, it’s a French-inspired tribute, but it’s the thought that counts. Heehee.

OOTD: Baguio again!

Is it sad that the thing I’m most excited about when going to Baguio is the prospect of wearing cold-weather outfits? OK, the answer to that is probably yes, but as you may already know, I love, love dressing for the cold. So, yes, the prospect of going to a city where I could wear boots and a scarf and not look like an idiot makes me giddy. So please indulge me this completely superficial post.

So here goes Baguio day 2 outfit:

These are new my new favorite boots, which I bought at 65% off their usual five-figure price. They have a slight motorcycle-y look, which I love. And yes, that brings my boot count to three. And yes, I live in a tropical country. So yes, I have a problem.

OOTD: Lazy and Loose

This weekend was as lazy as it could possible get, I think. Between the sleep-conducive weather, and the fact that I was at work until midnight on Friday (now that I think about it, that would actually mean Saturday! Uggh!), I could barely peel myself off my bed. I think I was in my pajamas until 2pm on Saturday. But I had errands to run today and pajamas are usually frowned upon in public, so I had to come up with a half-decent outfit. And in keeping with the lazy mood of my life the weekend, this is what I came up with:

Relaxed and easy or lazy and sloppy?

Boyfriend chinos, a loose silk t-shirt and wedges. Even my bag, a hobo with two straps so you could either wear it long or on your shoulder looks lazy.

Quite fittingly, this has always been my lazy day bag

I wish I had the option to dress like this everyday. Not that I’d do it all the time, but it would be nice to have the option to dress more loosely always available to you. Alas, not in the corporate/industrial word I work in. Which I’ll be back to tomorrow. Siiiiiiigh.

OOTD: The boyfriend outfit

I wish the post title was a reference to my relationship status, but no. Sadly, that’s not the case. So, no. Okay, I’ll stop.

I’m actually being very literal, as what I wore last night was all about the boyfriend: boyfriend jeans and a boyfriend shirt. I’ve finally found a pair of the jeans that Suri’s mom made popular that don’t make me look like I’m swimming in them. I was planning to eat a lot not in a mood to wear something tight, so I paired my jeans with my criminally underused boyfriend shirt.

I just hope I don't look like a boyfriend

 I used to not like boyfriend jeans as they looked ill-fitting. But years of wearing constricting straight leg/skinny jeans will open up your mind to more blood circulation-friendly options. And now, my Uniqlo pair is one of my favorites. Amazing what the constant risk of chafing can do to one’s sartorial choices, no?

OOTD: Homeward Bound

Yesterday, was our last (half) day in Baguio, and despite the fact that I only had hours between waking and leaving for Manila, I still managed to squeeze in a boot-appropriate outfit for lunch.

Huling hirit!

The idea with this one was that the outfit had to be comfortable enough for the car ride home, hence the leggings and the big cardigan. I just took the belt off and slipped out of the boots into my trusty Birkenstocks, et voila! I was ready for 5 hours of napping in the backseat of our car.

And so it ends. I’m back in Manila, and to the boring shorts, bare necks and sandals. Booooooooooo.

Outfit of the Day: All about the scarf

I saw the scarf while Christmas shopping last year and this is the first time I got to wear it.

Still standing awkwardly

Purple leopard is A LOT of print to wear, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. White shirt, black jeans and my brown boots and bag. My black flat boots would’ve been a better match, but I couldn’t really justify bring two pairs of boots for a two and a half day trip.

Up close

I must say, I love this scarf. It’s huge and surprisingly warm, despite the thin fabric. I can’t wait to wear her out again. Not likely to be soon, though, given the current weather conditions in Manila. *sigh!*

Outfit of the Day: Cold weather, yey!

As some of you may already know, I love, love dressing for cold weather. I think the layering and the essential accessories (jackets and coats, hats, scarves, gloves) makes for more interesting outfits than warm weather. Also, I think it’s normal to want what we can’t have so given that I live in a tropical country, the idea of being in cold weather for even two and a half days gets me in a flurry of excitement.

So please forgive me if I indulge in a little vanity and post pictures of my outfits over the weekend.

I went on leave, just to wear outfits like this... kidding. Kinda.

Some notes:

(1)     I don’t know why in the world I’m standing like this

(2)     Yes, those are the boots I was talking about.