OOTD: Baguio again!

Is it sad that the thing I’m most excited about when going to Baguio is the prospect of wearing cold-weather outfits? OK, the answer to that is probably yes, but as you may already know, I love, love dressing for the cold. So, yes, the prospect of going to a city where I could wear boots and a scarf and not look like an idiot makes me giddy. So please indulge me this completely superficial post.

So here goes Baguio day 2 outfit:

These are new my new favorite boots, which I bought at 65% off their usual five-figure price. They have a slight motorcycle-y look, which I love. And yes, that brings my boot count to three. And yes, I live in a tropical country. So yes, I have a problem.

2 thoughts on “OOTD: Baguio again!

    • The blazer I got from The Gap in Tokyo a few years ago. It’s from a limited edition Japan-only collection and it’s actually made in the Philippines. Cool, no?

      The top is from Bayo.

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