OOTD: Homeward Bound

Yesterday, was our last (half) day in Baguio, and despite the fact that I only had hours between waking and leaving for Manila, I still managed to squeeze in a boot-appropriate outfit for lunch.

Huling hirit!

The idea with this one was that the outfit had to be comfortable enough for the car ride home, hence the leggings and the big cardigan. I just took the belt off and slipped out of the boots into my trusty Birkenstocks, et voila! I was ready for 5 hours of napping in the backseat of our car.

And so it ends. I’m back in Manila, and to the boring shorts, bare necks and sandals. Booooooooooo.

4 thoughts on “OOTD: Homeward Bound

    • Hi Frances! Thanks! It was my early Christmas present to myself last year. Hehe. You should! And the new watermelon color shade for spring is lovely. Since you’re into pops of color, you might want to consider that. 😉

      And thank you for stopping by my blog, too! 🙂

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