OOTD: The boyfriend outfit

I wish the post title was a reference to my relationship status, but no. Sadly, that’s not the case. So, no. Okay, I’ll stop.

I’m actually being very literal, as what I wore last night was all about the boyfriend: boyfriend jeans and a boyfriend shirt. I’ve finally found a pair of the jeans that Suri’s mom made popular that don’t make me look like I’m swimming in them. I was planning to eat a lot not in a mood to wear something tight, so I paired my jeans with my criminally underused boyfriend shirt.

I just hope I don't look like a boyfriend

 I used to not like boyfriend jeans as they looked ill-fitting. But years of wearing constricting straight leg/skinny jeans will open up your mind to more blood circulation-friendly options. And now, my Uniqlo pair is one of my favorites. Amazing what the constant risk of chafing can do to one’s sartorial choices, no?

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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