Outfit of the Day: Cold weather, yey!

As some of you may already know, I love, love dressing for cold weather. I think the layering and the essential accessories (jackets and coats, hats, scarves, gloves) makes for more interesting outfits than warm weather. Also, I think it’s normal to want what we can’t have so given that I live in a tropical country, the idea of being in cold weather for even two and a half days gets me in a flurry of excitement.

So please forgive me if I indulge in a little vanity and post pictures of my outfits over the weekend.

I went on leave, just to wear outfits like this... kidding. Kinda.

Some notes:

(1)     I don’t know why in the world I’m standing like this

(2)     Yes, those are the boots I was talking about.

One thought on “Outfit of the Day: Cold weather, yey!

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