What fits in a PS1 Large Chain Wallet

I am, for the most part, a big bag kind of girl. Apart from the fact that I carry so many bits and bobs with me, I also try to refuse plastic/paper bags as much as possible when shopping. So it’s convenient to have a bag that would hold not just my stuff, but my reasonably-sized purchases, too.

So I surprised myself when I found myself drawn to the PS1 Large Chain Wallet by Proenza Schouler. It was tiny compared to the other bags I owned and would obviously never fit all the stuff I carry around on a daily basis.


But the bag is a lot more functional than its size would make you think. First, the gunmetal chain is removable (or you can slip it inside the bag if you can’t be bothered), converting the bag into a clutch. Second, it  has enough pockets and compartments to meet even a neat freak’s needs. It has an outer front panel pocket, a zipped compartment, an inner pocket behind that, six card slots, a panel for bills, and an outer zipped back pocket. It also has a small mirror behind the front flap.

DSC00977But of course, the real test is not in the number of pockets a bag has. It’s how much I can actually carry in it without overstuffing it to its physical and aesthetic ruin.


The surprising answer is, quite a lot. Sure, it can’t fit any of the grocery items I abuse my larger bags with, but the PS1 Large Chain Wallet can definitely carry everything I need for a night out.


The card and bill panels eliminate the need to bring a bulky wallet. So I can bring cash, IDs, and credit cards without taking up barely any space. That leaves room for (clockwise, from top left) lip balm, hand sanitizer, lipstick, an iPhone, wipes, a power bank, a phone cord, and a set of keys.


Even with all that stuff, the zipped panels inside and outside the bag were still unused. And as with the photo above, the bag still has a relatively flat profile. So there’s definitely still some room for one or two small items and change.

My PS1 Large Chain Wallet is my go-to bag for things like concerts or any place that’s crowded, like a bar. Its size, the fact the it hugs close to the body, and is convertible into a clutch makes it an easy bag to carry for a night out. It looks great, too, with that same cool, downtown vibe as its larger sibling, the PS1 satchel.

It’s a great bag, and I actually should carry mine more than I do. Now if I could only train myself to carry less with me on a regular basis…

Here we go again…

I blame my friend J for this. This is all her fault. If she never mentioned that she was considering getting a Proenza Schouler PS1 in Midnight, I never would have set my eyes on this:

The PS1 Pouch in Midnight

And now my credit card is trembling in fear of the damage this gorgeous little baby might cause. I love everything about this bag. I’ve always liked the PS1, but was a bigger fan of  the other “it” satchel, the Mulberry Alexa. I preferred the Alexa’s more classic lines to the PS1’s ruggedness. However, whereas I find the mini Alexa too cutesy already, it’s the rugged details on the PS1 that makes its mini version still appealing to me. The same modern lines that made me reject the Ps1 satchel in favor of the Mulberry, keep its miniature from looking too precious, too adorable.

PS1s come in a rainbow of colors and a multitude of materials (leather, suede, fabric) but it’s this gorgeous, deep blue that I have my eye on. Dark, but not quite navy, it’s striking enough to not be a boring neutral, but muted enough to not scream “Look at me! I’m a designer bag!”.

And and and… the straps on the pouch are removable (as with the regular PS1 and the Alexa), so it’s usable as clutch, given its size. So it’ll be like buying two bags for the price of one!

Right? Right? Right?

Must. Resist. The. Temptation.

Ugggggggggh. This is all your fault, J! All YOUR fault!

Photos via ProenzaSchouler.com. Click on the photos so that I’m not the only one left lusting for this baby! Heehee.