Here we go again…

I blame my friend J for this. This is all her fault. If she never mentioned that she was considering getting a Proenza Schouler PS1 in Midnight, I never would have set my eyes on this:

The PS1 Pouch in Midnight

And now my credit card is trembling in fear of the damage this gorgeous little baby might cause. I love everything about this bag. I’ve always liked the PS1, but was a bigger fan of  the other “it” satchel, the Mulberry Alexa. I preferred the Alexa’s more classic lines to the PS1’s ruggedness. However, whereas I find the mini Alexa too cutesy already, it’s the rugged details on the PS1 that makes its mini version still appealing to me. The same modern lines that made me reject the Ps1 satchel in favor of the Mulberry, keep its miniature from looking too precious, too adorable.

PS1s come in a rainbow of colors and a multitude of materials (leather, suede, fabric) but it’s this gorgeous, deep blue that I have my eye on. Dark, but not quite navy, it’s striking enough to not be a boring neutral, but muted enough to not scream “Look at me! I’m a designer bag!”.

And and and… the straps on the pouch are removable (as with the regular PS1 and the Alexa), so it’s usable as clutch, given its size. So it’ll be like buying two bags for the price of one!

Right? Right? Right?

Must. Resist. The. Temptation.

Ugggggggggh. This is all your fault, J! All YOUR fault!

Photos via Click on the photos so that I’m not the only one left lusting for this baby! Heehee.

8 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. hello! i have been following your blog for a while and it is one of my favorites. today is my first time to comment. i was prompted to do so because like you, i am also very enamored with the proenza schouler ps1 (but satchel version for me)!

    my credit card lives in daily fear of when i may actually take the plunge 🙂

    just wondering (just in case), if you were to get your pouch (and yes i agree, pouch with strap and clutch without strap = 2 for 1 bag = it’s a deal!), would you order it online? if yes, which site would be a good site to do so?

    i only previously order from amazon and only for books so don’t have any experience buying bags online and don’t want to risk not getting the ps1, if ever i actually take the plunge…

    your thoughts and suggestions would be highly appreciated.


    • Hi JCD! Thank you for kind words! 🙂 And you should comment more, I love hearing from people. 🙂

      Anyway, I haven’t thought seriously about where I’m getting the pouch yet as I haven’t decided if I’m buying it. But, if I were, I’d look into getting it from Luisaviaroma. I got my Alexa from them, and the transaction was hassle free: shipping & taxes are “free”, no customs issues, no hidden fees, no delays. They have limited colors of the PS1 available though (yes, I did a, ummm, preliminary check. Haha!) so it will depend on the color you want. If you can’t order it from them then maybe you can order it from a US site (direct from the Proenza Schouler site or via NAP or Barneys) and use Johnny Air to ship it to Manila.

      Now of course I assumed you’re from the Philippines. If you’re not, LVR does ship to a lot of countries, and their service should be pretty good elsewhere. NAP ships internationally too, but I think the shipping & taxes are quite high.

      Let me know if this helps and if you have more questions. Good luck with the purchase! 🙂

  2. thanks for the good tips Kat! yes, I am based in the Philippines and it’s good to hear LVR ships here ok.

    now my credit card is in serious danger 🙂

    thanks again,

      • hi Kat!

        just wanted to let you know i took the plunge and got the ps1 in military color and i am LOVING it!

        did you take the plunge? 🙂


        • Ooooooooooh! Congrats! It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous color! 🙂 Did you get it via LVR or another site?

          And no, I haven’t bought the pouch yet. I’m considering getting something else from Balenciaga. But that military shade has me reconsidering, actually. This is all your fault! 🙂 Haha! It never ends, does it?

  3. Hi Kat,

    Buy it!!!!!! haha!
    Now, you made me lust about it.
    I went to LV store in Dubai Mall yesterday..with my husband and his guy friend. Its not a nice shopping experience to shop with men, the shopping antogonists…Im not sure if you are single, married…but if you’re still single, buy it now before any man will make you “pa-konsenya” for buying expensive bags.haha!


    • Hahahaahaha! No, I’m not married. Although I kind of know what you mean about guys being shopping antagonists. Even my guy friends and colleagues tell me that they don’t understand how we could spend so much money on one handbag, much less multiple bags. It always sets off a semi argument that no one wins.

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