Finally: my Kindle

Finally. After months of thinking about it, thinking about it more and then waiting for it to finally get to Manila, it’s here. I have it. My Kindle is with me.

Now, this is not meant to be a review of the Kindle Touch. I’m not qualified to write anything like that and I’m not even going to try. So this post won’t really be a review, it’ll just be me raving about the Kindle. Because it is fantastic.

I won’t lie, I still miss books sometimes. I miss the feel of turning a page, the weight of a book in my hands. But the convenience and portability of a Kindle cannot be denied. The Kindle Touch, in particular, is small, so much smaller than I or anyone expected it to be. Everyone I’ve shown my Kindle to were surprised at how small it was. At 6.8 in. x 4.5 in. (according to Amazon), it’s small enough that I can hold and operate it with one hand.

I was worried about the touch screen being problematic, I haven’t had any problems so far. Sure, I accidentally turn the page forward instead of back sometimes (the first third of the screen on the left side is to turn it back, the remaining 2/3 is to go forward), but I think that’s more my fault than Amazon’s. I also end up missing the first or last few words of a passage I want to highlight (a feature I love, by the way, because I could never bear to write on the pages of my books) but again, that’s more my fault for not checking what’s actually highlighted than Amazon’s.

And it’s so damn easy to use. Really. I think within 10 minutes of ripping it out of its packaging, I was already connected to the Kindle store and downloading books. And I am no techie by any stretch of the imagination (I actually made a point to read the full user’s guide before reading anything else), so it really was THAT simple.

And of course, this was my first download of them all

So, yes, obviously, I am loving my Kindle. I bring it with me almost everywhere. I read it in the car, while waiting in line to pay for something or for friends to arrive and basically any other time I think I have a couple of minutes to read. And I couldn’t have done that with an actual book/s, unless of course I was willing to risk back and shoulder pain and lug my current book in my handbag with me everywhere I went. With my Kindle, I can carry thousands of books with me and read them with even getting eye or wrist strain (I’m looking at you, iPad).

I am now, unabashedly, a Kindle fan and would encourage any avid reader to get one. I don’t know why I was so reluctant about it in the first place. Some people will argue (and I once did) that reading e-books is a betrayal of the written word, that it takes away from the experience of leafing through a book and all the romantic associations that come with it. But isn’t the point of books (paper or electronic), well, reading? I read more often now than I did before my Kindle, and isn’t that the more important thing? I used to not buy and consequently not read certain books for fear of the waste if I ended up not reading the book more than once. And by waste I don’t just mean the money, but also of the paper, the space on my bookshelf. And now, with the Kindle, the latter two constraints no longer exist (unfortunately the budgetary constraint will always be there). I can now buy books I’m not entirely sure I’ll love and not feel any guilt that trees were felled to provide me with a book that may end end up just rotting away in my bookshelf. And that just opens up an entirely new world of reading material for me.

So, yeah. I want to slap my ridiculous old self, the one who used to think that reading from e-books is not “real” reading. God, what a condescending bitch I was. If anything, what I’m doing now with my Kindle, buying and reading books outside my comfort zone and waiting to see where they’ll take me, THAT’s “real” reading, right?

15 thoughts on “Finally: my Kindle

    • Hi Mel! I say it would really depend on your reading habits. My problem with the iPad is that (1) it’s too heavy for long stretches of reading and to carry around everywhere; (2) the color display is harsh on the eyes for long stretches of reading and (3) you can’t really read it under sunlight or any harsh light because of the glare. That’s not to say, of course, that the Kindle doesn’t have it’s limitations like: (1) no built-in light for reading in the dark (although you can easily buy a case with a built-in light or a detachable one) and (2) the Kindle displays (excluding the Fire) only come in black and white.

      So I say if you’re a heavy reader (and I daresay you are since you’re running out of shelf space), go for the Kindle. If you read as much as I think you do, I think you’ll get enough use of it to justify the additional expense.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions. 🙂

  1. Did you know you can borrow books from the Amazon library? Free!!! I just LOVE this feature so no worries about budgetary constraints unless you want to have your own Kindle library (I do have a lib consisting of all *free* books). Most of the classics are free!
    My Kindle Fire is my everything now except for phone usage…then I rely on my trusty iPhone, but for web browsing and reading, I can’t rave about my Kindle enough. I store files in my MacBook Pro and open them anywhere on my handy dandy Kindle, no sweat!
    Love you guys, I miss you already – take care.

    • Hi Auntie!!

      Yes, I know about the library and the free books! Like you, all my downloads so far have been mostly free books. There are so many classics I haven’t read yet, so there’s no point in paying for books yet when I can fill up my reading list with freebies. 🙂
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Kindle Fire. Mikey did good with his gift! 🙂
      Take care, Auntie Baby! We can’t wait for your next trip back!

  2. I bought a Kindle Fire when it first came out. Like you, I was reluctant. I love to read. I love my books, but I also know that I read my favorites until they fall apart. Now, I can have them all on my Kindle. It’s so easy to use. My husband, a techie, had an I Told You So moment. I love it, and carry it with me everywhere. If there’s wireless, I get to surf the ‘net as well. However, in my mind, it’s an e-reader with benefits. I’ve never had a desire to get an iPad so I have no complaints about it. iCloud is the best. I didn’t even know that you could put music on it. Best part-I can read without the lights on.
    And…the prices are lower than buying from a bookstore.

    • Hi Lena! I’ve always been curious about the Kindle Fire and how easy it is to read from. Reading from the iPad causes me eye strain if I do it for too long. So how is it? Do you find that you can read from it for long stretches, even if it has a colored display?

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  4. Hi! Is that kindle touch w/ wifi or 3g? w/out special offers? Also thinking of getting one but not sure which one to get, so many choices 🙂

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