Bonjour from Paris!

Or bonsoir, if that would be applicable at the time you’re reading this.


So I’ve made it to Paris after a seven-hour flight delay. I promise to blog more often than I usually do during this trip. But for now, this short note (and my picture of a flashing Eiffel Tower) is all I have. As you can imagine, a mixture of jet lag, headache, un-normalized ear pressure and a cold is not conducive to writing.

I promise to post something tomorrow, so check back.

For now, au revoir!

4 thoughts on “Bonjour from Paris!

  1. Ohhh… you’re in Paris pala! Dubai was just a stop-over then. Cool! I wish I can be like you and be gutsy enough to travel alone. Looking forward to all your blog posts about this trip. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thanks, rOSe! I’m traveling with my mom this time, though. But yeah, traveling alone is quite cool, too! I think everyone should experience it once in their lives, even if it’s just locally. 🙂

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