And I’m back

From paradise.

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed (fishing… Hahaha), but I’ve been away from my blog for about a week. That’s because I went on a little trip to Boracay with my cousins. And I enjoyed EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT.

I already want to go back

I’ve often hear/read complaints about Boracay nowadays, about how it’s too commercialized already, how it’s become a tourist trap, that it’s dirty, blah-blah-blah-blah. But personally, all I ever remember about Boracay is that breathtaking, jaw-dropping shoreline.

While it’s true that the men offering island-hopping or helmet diving every 10 feet is a bit much, that tourists do get charged more than the locals and that there really is no need for vendors hawking fake Ray-Ban sunglasses, none of these things are enough to stop me from going back to Boracay. I mean, look at the place:

There are no words, really...

As long as it stays this beautiful (and I’ve noticed an improvement on the cleanliness of the shore), how can I not want to go back? Like, tomorrow, if I could.

PS: More Boracay-related posts (including a food post!) coming soon. I just need to deal with the pileup of work first. Uggggh.

2 thoughts on “And I’m back

  1. Looking at those photos make me want to go to Boracay again. It’s been three years since I enjoyed a fun Boracay vacation with my family. *sigh* I agree with you, the shoreline’s just breathtaking!

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