October: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies

One of my pet peeves about baking recipes is the fact that they all seem to require different sizes of pans. For instance, for the chocolate cakes I’ve baked, I’ve had to buy 8 inch pans and 9 inch pans. When I came across a recipe calling for a 10 inch pan, I flat out ignored it. The thing with baking is that, while you can use a smaller or bigger pan than what the recipe requires, you’d also have to tweak your baking time and/or temperature correctly, or you’ll risk burning or undercooking what you’re making.

And this is why it took me so long to make Dorie Greenspan’s Espresso Cheesecake Brownies. I thought long and hard about just using the 8 inch square pan that I already have. When I did finally decide to spring for the 9 inch pan the recipe required, it took me a while to find one. Anyway, I finally did get one (the last one in the store!) and made the brownies this weekend:


I didn’t make the sour cream glaze in the recipe because I really didn’t want to a sour cream AND confectioner’s sugar layer to something that already had chocolate, cream cheese, sugar and eggs. And, I also didn’t have enough sour cream on hand. Hehe.

I would make a couple more changes for the next time I make them. First, I would double up on the instant coffee powder I used for the cheesecake mixture. The recipe called for instant espresso powder and I substituted the same amount of instant coffee powder. Yeah, someone didn’t do their research. Second, I would probably increase the brownie mixture by half because I think the brownie layer is just a tad too thin and I also need more of the batter to swirl on top.

But don’t get me wrong, these were yummy. I just need a little more batter to swirl and for the coffee flavor to be as intense as Dorie  meant to it be.

3 thoughts on “October: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies

  1. Hey Kat! Okay so this isn’t brownie-related at all but… I must know!! What’s your opinion on the trend of having socks sticking out of boots? I have a casual date tomorrow but because I’ve been extremely lazy at doing laundry, the only outfit I can think of involves ankle-length lace-up boots and skinny jeans. The problem is that the skinny jeans don’t really fit that well into the boots so I think higher socks will help. Anyway, the boots look a lot like these: http://www.polyvore.com/jeffrey_campbell_wl_brown_leather/thing?id=8381783 and the skinny jeans are dark gray. I’m thinking the socks will be a light grayish blue. Thoughts?

    • Hi Maddi! I think the trend’s cute, although of course I haven’t had any experience with it given where I live. I think the keys would be not having the socks go too high and making sure thing don’t look to bulky. Have fun!

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