What makes the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie amazing?

Hello from NYC!

I’m beyond excited to be in New York for vacation, for two main reasons: the US Open (more on that on a later post) and the food, which we will get to right away.

The famed Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie was on my list of must-try foods, and since I was in the vicinity of Rockefeller Center on Sunday, I decided to drop by  the shop at the concourse level of the GE building and scratch the self-proclaimed Mr. Chocolate’s treat off my list. I wanted to have them for breakfast a morning snack, but they weren’t available yet when I got there at opening (ha!), so I had to wait until after my trip to MoMA to buy them. I bought two, had them warmed and promptly sat down on one of the benches outside and dug in.


And they were… good. I personally would have preferred the use of a darker chocolate, but there’s really nothing wrong with the chocolate used here. It’s not the taste, though, that amazes me about this cookie, actually but more of the… execution. The execution and construction of what should be a pretty basic cookie.

But regular chocolate chip cookie this is not. See that photo? See how the chocolate seems to form a thin layer under top of the cookie? I have no photo of it (my hands had too much chocolate to handle a camera/iPhone), but that’s how the cookie is constructed, with alternating layers of cookie dough and oozing chocolate. And that makes for an entirely different, but wonderful chocolate chip (can we still call it that, though, when there are technically no chips?) cookie experience.

The amateur baker in me is boggled by how a cookie like this is made. The whole cookie itself is thin, so the layers of dough and chocolate have to be VERY thin to form it. But they can’t be TOO thin, because that would cause the layers to melt into each other, which didn’t happen here. The layers are still distinct: dough, chocolate, dough, chocolate, dough.

Darker chocolate or not, this is a new, amazing way to have our childhood favorite. And while I still love my traditional chocolate chip cookies, I would still love to know how to make a cookie like this one.

2 thoughts on “What makes the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie amazing?

  1. I think I read about how to make his cookies in a NY Times article…I am sure you find it via Google! The cookie looks amazing…wish I had one right now to go with my coffee!

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