Lions: They’re just like us?

These are probably some of my favorite pictures from Kruger. They’re not particularly spectacular (none of my pictures are, anyway), but I love the story behind them.

We came across these lions on our morning game drive. It’s a juvenile couple, as you can see, the lion’s mane hasn’t grown out yet to a Mufasa-like fullness.


They sat like this for a few minutes, watching us watch them. Then the lion got up and left,


leaving the lioness. Who didn’t really care (you go, girl.)


The lion went on his way, alone.


And then he looked back, noticed that the lioness wasn’t with him, and proceeded to have a lion tantrum. He grumbled and growled until the lioness got up and joined him.

Which she reluctantly did.


And, after a bit of play-fighting, together at last…


I’m sure this type of scene has played out between every boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, brother-sister, parent-child… So… Lions, they’re just like us?

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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