I think I’m in Love

I never, ever should have gone in. If I’d only known the turmoil that fateful decision was going to cause, then I wouldn’t have stepped foot in the store. But how could I have known? I’ve seen photos of the Prada Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag before, and it has never really drawn me in.


But when I stepped into the Prada store at ION Orchard in Singapore, the small version, on display on a table right by the entrance caught my eye. It was black, and the proportions were lovely, and I liked its no-nonsense box shape. I never really liked very structured bags, but this one really caught my fancy. And then when I saw the bag in a bigger size, I was doomed. I was in love.


The cobalt blue is absolutely gorgeous. It gives your outfit a bright pop of color, without being over the top. You could still have fun with it, but it would still be appropriate for more serious occasions or a very formal work environment.

I’m torn between the blue and the red. The red is beautiful as well, the perfect shade. Some reds tend to be too fiery, too fire engine red. On some bags that would be fine, don’t get me wrong, but with something as structured and as formal as this, such a shade would be inappropriate. The subtle but still unmistakable red still grabs the attention, but isn’t screaming for it.

It took my fear of debt collectors every ounce of self-control to not swipe away and go home with this baby. And I was definitely tempted. A Chinese woman who was came into the store a few minutes after I did bought one of only two pieces of the blue version, so there was an added “What if someone else buys it before I do?” panic added to my already confused state of mind. I had to leave for the airport at 9pm, and was at the store at around 8, so I had about an hour to think about it. I had the final blue one put aside under my name for the night. I actually wandered around the façade of ION Orchard for a few minutes, absentmindedly going around in circles, so lost in thought (yes, such is the effect of a beautiful handbag on a woman). It took frantic WiFi research, a Starbucks cheesecake slice and panicked text messages to friends to calm me down and convince me that buying it in such an expensive country as Singapore does not make sense at all. So, alas, I went home empty-handed.

But I still haven’t given up on this dream. I suppose it’s just not the right time. Besides, I haven’t even decided yet, blue or red?

photo from saksfifthavenue.com

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