Because they might not publish my comment

I went to the John Mayer concert last night (more on that soon) and today, I googled the concert just to check out the reviews, if there were any. I don’t know why I do this, as I always get slightly annoyed when anyone doesn’t agree with my opinions (even if she is Michiko Kakutani), but I do it anyway. I suppose it’s to temper any previously unalloyed love for something, whether it be a book, a bag or, in this case, a concert.

I came across this one, from the Manila Bulletin website. Yes, I am a die-hard John Mayer fan, but, fan or not, I would like to think that my fan-hood doesn’t impair my ability to evaluate whether an article is good or just pure crap. And well, this one was in the latter category. It was so bad, that I actually made the effort to sign-up for an account with their site (and I don’t even read their paper) just so that I could comment on this so-called piece of journalism. So I’m posting my comment below, just in case the moderators don’t approve it on the site:

Really? Really? This got published? With such gems as:

“Hale’s Champ Lui Pio was texting somebody on his phone.”

“More than just being Jennifer Aniston’s ex, he also wanted to be recognized as a well-rounded guitar player.”

“…shouted one gorgeous lady in a wet black dress.”

“His companion agreed, muttering with a grin, “Yeah, s***t.””

REALLY?!? I can’t even bring myself to write that last word. I cannot, for the life me, believe that one of the country’s leading dailies will allow that word to be published in one of their articles, even if it is just on their website.

Apart from some very basic grammatical errors, the article was full of useless anecdotes and  name-dropping and was obviously written by someone who has a very rudimentary knowledge of  music (he doesn’t even know what a ukulele is), much less John Mayer’s music specifically. The tone was condescending throughout and arrogant in turns, when he obviously has no right to be.

I searched the net for a professional, knowledgeable review on JM’s concert last night. Instead I got this. An article with the word “s***t in it.

No wonder I don’t read the Bulletin.

So, reality check time. Has my Mayer-love blinded me, and was the article actually a worthy read? Or, like me, were you ruing the 2-3 minutes of your life you spent reading that article, minutes that you’ll never get back?

If it’s the latter: 1.) Yay! I’m not a crazy, judgmental, condescending biatch. 2.) Sorry. You can blame those wasted minutes on me.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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