Andy is back!

I was there when Andy Roddick played his last point as a professional player at the 2012 US Open, and I still haven’t gotten used to him not being in the draw in the majors. While my eye-bags and stress levels are grateful that I have no one to root for so passionately anymore, I miss watching Andy.

Thankfully, Andy signed on to be a Fox Sports Live host, so he will still be on TV, if not on the court. And one of the first things he did as part of his new job was this interview with his on-court nemesis, Roger Federer.

Andy’s famous wit and humor is on full display, even in the short clip below.  There’s a lot of joking around. In my favorite exchange Andy even calls Roger a “selfish bastard” when talking about their 2009 Wimbledon final. But there’s some serious stuff, too, like when Andy talks about Roger’s graciousness in the locker room after that crushing, crushing loss (is it just me or did Andy looked teary talking about that?) and when they discuss the impact of the death of Federer’s former coach, Peter Carter.

It’s definitely not the same as watching them battle it out on Centre Court, but it sure is less stressful and is as entertaining.

Welcome back, Andy!