Gracias, Una Madridista

I didn’t acknowledge it on this blog when it happened, but Real Madrid won the Spanish League title this year. And yes, I completely lost it.

One of my favorite parts about winning the League title, outside of the actual title itself, are the celebrations. The epic, crazy celebrations. There was the immediate, post-match locker room celebrations at San Mames and the celebration back at Madrid on the way to and at Cibeles. And there’s nothing like watching grainy videos on YouTube and viewing pictures posted by the players on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to make me wish that I was in Madrid, too. Or, barring that, that we at least got Real Madrid TV in the Philippines. But we don’t even get live match coverage.

So it’s at moments like these, when I appreciate Una Madridista’s blog even more. Following Real Madrid is a very detailed (some would say obsessive) blog about Real Madrid. Una Madridista (or Una, for short) covers almost everything you would want to know about the team: the matches, team training, press conferences and Spanish media coverage of the team and its players, coaches and officials.

And, no, we’re not talking match reports or a summary of links to various articles from the internet. We’re talking match recaps with GIFs of pre or post match/off-the-field moments, excerpts from interviews, all of it sprinkled with Una’s insight, wit, humor and, sometimes, snark.

It’s come to the point where a match weekend, particularly the really important ones, isn’t really complete until I’ve read Una’s ICYMI (In case you missed it) post on it. After the win at San Mames that clinched this year’s title for us, I’m actually embarrassed to admit how many times I hit the refresh button, waiting for the ICYMI post on the match and the post-match celebrations of the half-naked jubilant players. I was only a tiny bit less impatient for her posts on the Cibeles celebrations (and her GIFs starring the very drunk Xabi Alonso) and on the extravaganza at the Bernabeu after the final match of the season.

And her blog isn’t just about the matches. Una covers A LOT of the off-the-field stuff too, including translations of articles in Spanish newspapers and magazines, and interviews on TV shows. Una is currently in the process of sharing and translating Iker Casillas’ biography by chapter. She also translated in FULL almost of all of the “The REAL … (insert player name here)” interview series. Eighteen interviews, all of them in Spanish, all of them at least 30 minutes each. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work that is.

And it’s all for Real Madrid. All for Real Madrid fans.

So this post is a big thank you to Una (although I don’t know if she’ll even get to read this) for all her painstaking work. Through her blog, I, and I’m sure countless of other Real Madrid fans around the world, too, feel more a part of the crazy Real Madrid world. And that is an amazing thing.

So gracias, Una. Your blog’s awesome. So are you.


PS: She does the exact same thing for the Spain NT on her Con La Roja blog, too. Like I said. Awesome.