Lea Salonga!!!!!

News broke out last week that Taylor Swift is allegedly vying for the role of Eponine in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. And that made my blood boil. Because while her voice may be, ummmm, adequate for the type of the music she makes, I don’t think it will be enough for Eponine.

No no no no no...

It’s Eponine, for crying out loud, our very own Ms. Lea Salonga played her to absolute perfection. Can you imagine Taylor Swift doing this even half as well?

Anyway, I searched for that video on youtube in an are-they-serious?!?! type of mindset, just to prove to myself that I wasn’t just being a cynical b*tch in thinking that Taylor can’t possibly play Eponine (the above video proves me right, of course). And as it turns out, it’s physically impossible to watch just ONE Lea Salonga youtube video. Because she is Lea Salonga, and she is perfection.

There are tons of videos showcasing her jaw-dropping talent but the one I kept playing over and over was this one:

Sure, it wasn’t one of those full-on performances, but I think this video has a charm all its own. I didn’t know that she did this, got a member of the audience to sing A Whole New World with her during concerts. And the guy in this video, Jared, is so cute in his reactions while singing with her. He gets so giddy and kilig when she starts singing, and seems so extremely excited and awed to be onstage with her (who wouldn’t be?), I find it adorable. And the guy can sing. And he’s not bad-looking either. Hehe.

Adorable as Jared is, of course the star of the video is still Lea (duh). As the youtube commenters put it, she owns the song: she sings it as perfectly as she did for the movie. Not that we should expect any less, of course. She is, after all, THE Ms. Lea Salonga.

And that fact that Taylor Swift is even being RUMORED to be CONSIDERED for the same role she played still irks me. Uggggh.

Mock Les Miserables poster from NYMag.com’s Vulture