Happy Birthday, Suri!

I’m a little late, as Suri’s birthday was on the 18th, but it’s not like she’ll know I wasn’t on time.

Anyway, in honor of the little fashionista’s birthday, here’s one of my favorite Suri outfits:

Pretty in purple and pink!

The sweater is sweet, the skirt is fun, but it’s the leopard print flats that take this outfit to the next level for me. It gives the right amount of edge to an outfit that could’ve been too sweet and girly. And yes, I know it’s not entirely healthy to be critiquing a toddler’s outfits like this.

Also, I think this is one prettiest pictures of Suri I’ve ever seen. And with a face like hers, that’s saying a lot!

Look at that face!

Again, Happy Birthday, Suri!

Photos from JustJared.com

A personal favorite: Suri in polka dots

Suri Cruise’s outfits are famous (or infamous, if you consider the whole high-heels debacle). And among the hundreds of designer outfits, this one below is definitely one of my all-time favorites:

This picture should be in the dictionary beside the word "cute"

Absolutely adorable. The sweater, the black shirt, the skirt. They all go perfectly together. I would wear an adult version of this outfit, except for the shoes.

Photo from JustJared.com


(I apologize for the lame title, but there really is no other word to capture the essence of this post)

Some people look at this photo and think:

Puppy love

  •  Her dad is a couch-jumping Scientologist weirdo
  • Her mom is a Dawson’s Creek has-been turned Scientology zombie-slash-robot
  • Chris Klein is her real father, not Tom because Tom is gay 
  • She’s a spoiled little brat who gets to wear makeup and high heels and is lavished with Roger Vivier shoes and Ferragamo handbags
  • She’s too old for a bottle
  • yadda-yadda-yadda

But all I see is an overload of cute.

Awwww... Didn't we all dream of this when we were seven?

And love.

And another boatload of cute:

Suri to Katie: "See, Mommy, I told you not to do Mad Money."

I mean, come on!  How could you say something remotely bad about such an endearing, happy little person? And, couch-jumping celebrity parents notwithstanding, she’s still JUST A CHILD (who, like the rest of us, never got to choose who her parents will be).

Just delight in the cuteness, people!

*Photos from JustJared.com