Smith’s Rosebud Salve

I’m not sure if you already know this, but I a bit of a lip balm addict, and no lip balm addict hasn’t tried Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It’s a universal favorite, lauded by beauty magazines and beloved by the likes of Nicole Richie, Chloë Sevigny and Leighton Meester. So I would be amiss not to give it a try.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the flagship (and more popular) product of the same company that makes my favorite lip balm to date, Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. So does it deserve all the praise it gets? Or is it just all hype?

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Price: Same as the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. About $6 in the US, PHP 450 in Manila for a 0.8 oz tin. A little pricey, but it is a LOT of lip balm.

Appearance: Pretty. There’s really no other word for it. Like it’s strawberry-flavored sister, the tin’s design has a dainty, vintage-y feel to it. The blue against the white and the pink flowers (that match the color of the balm inside) is just… pretty.

Glide: Smooth, but a little too smooth for my taste. It feels a little too close to petroleum jelly, and while a lot of people like that in lip balms, I don’t. I prefer my balms to be a little heavier and thicker.

Flavor/Smell: I can’t really tell what it smells like, I don’t think it smells like roses. But whatever the scent is, I like it. It’s light and fresh-smelling, a little sweet but still not overpowering.

Lasting Power: I guess it has to do with the fact that it’s not as thick and solid as the strawberry balm, the Rosebud Salve doesn’t last as long. That being said, it still lasts longer than most lip balms, around two-three hours for every proper application.

Other Pros and Cons: I’ve discussed my issues about balms in tins before, so I won’t go through all that again. I will, however, go through the pros the Rosebud Salve’s got going for it. And there are a lot. The thing is, it isn’t actually lip balm, it’s a salve (whatever that means) that you can use in a multitude of ways. You can use it on your fingernails and cuticles, on babies’ diaper rash, on insect bites to reduce swelling, on minor burns, on your eyelids to set eyeshadow, on your hair to tame flyaways… and the list goes on and on and on.

The Verdict: Smith’s Rosebud Salve hasn’t dislodged the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm as my favorite lip balm ever, as I prefer the latter’s texture and glide more and it also doesn’t last as long. However, it’s long list of other uses cannot be ignored, and ensures its permanent place, if not in my handbag, then on my bedside table.