To rebound or not to rebound

Have you ever obsessed about a decision, thought about it really hard, weighed the pros and cons. You finally make your choice, and then you find, all that thinking was for naught, as the decision was made for you already.

The exact thing happened to me over these:

Renegade Folk's "Bold as Love"

The first time I saw them my reaction was, “Aaacck. Leopard again?” but I think I haven’t even finished saying those words when they changed to “Ooooooh, leopard.” Fashion forward (ehem!) people should know, leopard has been such a big trend the past two or three seasons, and has been interpreted into shoes numerous ways. Mostly, though, I have found leopard print shoes to be too much like something a Kardashian or Paris Hilton would wear. Even the surprisingly understated Elizabeth & James version, though beautiful, is still something I’m not sure I would wear (booties in this weather? And silk shoes in dusty Manila? Nightmare). Then I saw Renegade Folk’s Bold as Love on their Facebook page and I fell in love. For one thing, they were flats, so +100 on that alone. They were also in that classic driving-shoe shape that would make it easy to wear with anything. Plus, leopard print on the pony hair was well done, but not real-looking enough that I would get leopard-infested nightmares. What more could I ask for?

That they still had it in my size, of course. After agonizing over it (do I really need another pair of flats? Will this go with stuff I already own? Can I really pull off leopard?) for about five minutes, I sent an email to the lovely folks at RF and even filled out the order form in their Multiply page for good measure. I was so impatient, I sent a text message to them the next morning and got the devastating news. They no longer have Bold as Love in leopard in my size.

All that obsessing for nothing. Ugggggh.

I mulled over getting the zebra or the size 9 but snapped myself out it. I can’t rebound with a print I would never wear or on shoes two sizes bigger than my feet. That would be stupid. Not so stupid, though, would be to rebound with these:

Renegade Folk's "Driving"

Cute, no? But I’m still thinking about it as most rebound relationships are doomed for failure. And I already have a navy pair of flats. And partly because I’m still hoping against hope that the girls behind Renegade Fold will reissue Bold as Love. Sigh.

So what do you guys think? Will the Driving and I end up as most rebound relationships do (i.e. I will wish it never happened) or will we buck the trend and live happily ever after?

Photos from Renegade Folk’s Facebook page