My favorite moment from the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics have given us a lot of memorable moments already, and they’re not even done yet. Usain Bolt’s amazing performance on the track. The dramatic turnaround of Michael Phelps’ games. South Korean fencer Shin A-lam’s dramatic protest and subsequent defeat. Mckayla Maroney’s meme-launching facial expression after only winning the silver in the vault. There are countless other moments, good and bad, that have made these games memorable.

However, strangely enough, the images that struck a chord with me the most, the ones that I keep coming back to were not of sporting action. They don’t even feature athletes. Instead, they feature people in the stands, granted, they’re not your ordinary sports fans:

I know it may seem silly to some people how these are my favorite photos from the Olympics so far… but. BUT. These are just too friggin’ adorable. And endearing. And, also, poignant.

As with the wedding, seeing William and Kate so happy (and Harry, too) is always tinged by regret. Regret that his mother is not around to see this, how her son has grown, chosen right and seems to have what she never had in her own marriage.

But that’s just a tinge. Overall, I’m just so ridiculously and illogically happy for these two. There’s just something about these two, and how obviously crazy they are about each other, how happy they are in these pictures (celebrating a Team GB win in cycling), how unguarded they are in this moment (outside of the wedding, have you ever seen a picture of them holding hands?) that just make me so happy for them. You get a sense that they’ve gotten it right, these two, and that’s quite remarkable given, you know, his parents. The scrutiny they live under. And the fact that she’s been nicknamed Waity Katie and all that implies.

So yeah, call me weird, but this just might be my favorite moment from the Olympics. Probably followed by the rumored Spice Girls reunion performance in the closing ceremonies.

Photos via Go Fug Yourself. You can click on the pictures for direct individual sources.

It’s a proud moment for him, too

Note: This is not really about the Royal Wedding, but it is, a little bit. So don’t read through if you’re already weddinged-out.

It was only natural that during the Royal Wedding, as her son married the woman he loved, thoughts turned to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. And, of course, that was a given. I won’t even try to put into words how heartbreaking it is that she wasn’t there at such as an important event in her son’s life and see what mature, poised and outstanding young men (Harry, too, of course) her sons grew up to become.

The shutterbug she didn't mind smiling for

With the boy who was to write that letter on her coffin

While it was only natural to remember the remarkable woman her sons and the world lost too soon, what was unnatural to me was how there was little mention of the man who’s had to raise William and Harry alone since that tragic August night in Paris. It could not have been easy for Prince Charles to lose his partner (divorce or not) in raising his sons at such crucial points in their lives (15 and 13 years old). True, there have been blips along the way, but considering the intense media scrutiny, the proximity of his sons to temptation and vice, and the pressure from their positions, Princes Charles no doubt deserves a lot of credit for the brave, upstanding and compassionate men Princes William and Harry have grown up to be.

Their father's sons (via the UK Daily Mail)

You can feel te love and pride between the three.

We might not all have forgiven Charles for his treatment of Diana. But one look at his sons saluting the British flags along the carriage route or Harry jokingly whispering to his brother at the altar or William walking down the aisle with the woman he’s loved for eight years and you cannot deny that the Prince of Wales have raised his sons quite well, under the most difficult of circumstances. William and Harry may be Diana’s legacies, but they’re Charles’ sons, too.

Photo credits: Mario Testino for the father and sons photos. Photos of Diana with her sons were found via Google Images, I can’t seem to trace back to the original source/photographer.

Random Musings about the Royal Wedding

Yes, the dress was gorgeous, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge was stunning, the balcony kiss was adorable and Pippa nearly stole the show. Everyone else has covered the big stories of the biggest wedding ever. But here are the other things I picked up and got me thinking about the wedding:

  • Kate and William need waving lessons.
  • That veil is awesome.
  • The Middleton women (Kate, Pippa and Carole) have a penchant for eyeliner. Lots and lots of it.
  • Was it just me or was the wedding ring a tad too small? Watching while William slipped it on his bride’s finger, I thought it looked like a bit of a squeeze.
  • The Queen looks good for someone 85 years old. Will Charles be 85 when he ascends to the throne himself?
  • The hat you choose for an event like this tells a lot about you. If you wear a hat like this or this to a wedding, you’re just trying to draw attention to yourself (obviously a “don’t” during a wedding), not to mention blocking the view of the people behind you. Plus you look like a creature is struggling to free itself from the confines of your cranium.
  • Speaking of hats, who knew sinamay was such a popular material with the Brits?
  • It was kind of strange to see the bride and groom sit to the side at their own wedding, no?
  • If you weren’t directly in front of the platform, how the heck could you see what was going on in the ceremony? And what about the people behind that partition at the back of the abbey? So were they just staring at each other the entire time?
  • Pageboys! I don’t know what they’re for, but I know I want a pair.
  • Further proof that the wedding has revived the monarchy: I even found it adorable that the Duchess of Cornwall carried Eliza Lopes, the flower girl and her granddaughter for some time in the balcony. All the more so when Prince Charles carried Eliza himself, even tapping the little one’s tummy. Awww.
  • And speaking of flower girls… Grace Van Cutsem may just have stolen the couple’s thunder:

She's sooooo over the Royal Wedding

  • I loved the bride and groom’s banter before the second kiss. It seemed like William suggested it, and Kate Catherine pretended not to hear him the first time he mentioned it. Cuuuuuute.
  •  And it seems like the Duchess has the Duke wrapped around her sapphire adorned finger. And, again. Awwwwwwwww.

Oh, and finally:

  • Y’all who just got on the bandwagon because of his adorable antics in the wedding, take heed: Harry IS MINE. I’ve loved him since we were 12.

That is all.

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