God bless the MMDA (Twitter account handler)

There are a lot of things we can (and should) complain about the MMDA. But even the cynics would have to admit that their app and their Twitter account are a Godsend when dealing with the unpredictable chaos that is Metro Manila traffic.

They were indispensable to me and thousands of others on days like Monday, June 17, when a massive downpour turned EDSA into 23-kilometer parking lot. I was relying on their traffic updates before making my decision to go home. I wanted to wait out the rain and the traffic as I didn’t want to be stuck in my car for two to three hours. I start and end work much later than most people, so I had a few more hours to let traffic subside than most. However, by around midnight, I was desperate to get home, especially when I saw that the opposite direction has cleared up already.

I tweeted about my frustration, as one is wont to do when one is exhausted and alone in an empty office. Unexpectedly, I got a response from the MMDA and even more unexpectedly, I found it hilarious:

I don’t know if it was the exhaustion, but I laughed out loud when I read this. God bless the person who was manning the MMDA Twitter account that night. It would not have been easy dealing with the apocalyptic traffic conditions, responding to all the questions from desperate commuters until the morning hours of Tuesday and with some humor, too.

And I hope that whoever is manning the twitter account keeps his/her sense of humor. With the rainy season just getting started and the forecasts looking glum, we all need a bit of humor to make dealing with the traffic even infinitesimally easier.