On paper and letter writing

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I express myself better in writing, but I love letters. I love receiving them, re-reading them, writing them. I even remember forcing someone (I won’t say who) to write me a letter way back when. Haha. Sadly, the last time I actually exchanged letters with anyone was probably in high school (I have a shoebox full of letters from my high school friends). Sure, I exchange emails with my friends, and I enjoy rereading them as much I do actual letters, but there is a different thrill to receiving something physically, to turning paper pages in your hand.

I guess I was feeling nostalgic  about those letter-writing days that when I had leftover gift certificates from work, I decided to spend them on monogrammed Crane & Co. notecards. I searched through all the boxes on the shelf to find the last “K” in stock, and even though I did not have the faintest idea what I would use them for, I bought the notecards.

My box of 10 Crane cards were still untouched when I heard about graphic designer Isabel Gatuslao‘s new line of stationery. I’m a fan of Isabel’s work. Having no artistic skill whatsoever to speak of, I enjoy reading about Isabel’s design process on her site. I got so excited about her stationery, that even while reading her blog entry about designing them, I could practically hear National Bookstore ringing up my purchase.


So now I have two sets of beautiful and thick notecards. Now, who to write to? My problem is that, as evidenced by my still intact box of Crane cards, I’m reluctant to use them. I worry about them ending up in the trash after a quick once over. These are just too wonderful and, lesbi-honest, expensive to just be discarded. So obviously, my genius plan to prevent that from happening is to keep them unused in their boxes. Hahaha.

No, I have to get a grip, and get writing. I’ve realized that I’d rather have these end up discarded (but hopefully not right away) but read and received than gathering dust on my desk. They say you reap what you sow, so maybe if I start writing notes to my friends, maybe I’ll get some lovely responses back to start filling up another shoebox again.


Isabel Gatuslao Paper is available at the following National Bookstore outlets: Alabang, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Quezon Avenue, Shangri-La and Rockwell and in Powerbooks Alabang, Greenbelt, Shangri-La and Trinoma.