THIS is what you should be showcasing, Ryan Murphy!

Nothing like an acapella number to remind us how talented the Glee kids actually are. This is one of Glee’s best numbers ever for me (if not THE best ever) and it’s telling that it’s also one of its simplest. No awkward choreography, no obvious auto-tune. It’s just Amber, Lea, Naya and Chris singing. That’s it. Full stop.

It’s also telling that even a number this amazing is still not enough to make me watch Glee again. And that’s saying something, given that I sometimes still deign to watch the hot mess that is Gossip Girl. The plot lines are too crazy (Mr. Schue, the Spanish teacher, apparently doesn’t know even speak the language), the characters too unpredictable and the some of the stereotypes they portray are insulting and even racist at times (exhibit 1: the entire Ricky Martin episode).

But thankfully, pure talent still manages to shine through all the convoluted storylines and offensive dialogue. Now if only Ryan Murphy and his writers focused more on the talent, than on Sue running for office, Puck hooking up with a teacher (and Rachel’s mom!) or teen-aged Finn and Rachel getting married then maybe I’d watch again.