I want: The Gap Dip-dye Boyfriend shirt

This outfit screams “me”.

Jeans: check! Ballet flats: check!

The only thing I lack is the shirt.

I love that the fit is relaxed, but still close to the body. And the ombre/dip-dyed treatment with the lighter blue bottom makes it more interesting than a regular solid-color shirt.

The only things stopping me from buying this are: (1) the price, although I justify it by the fact that it’s a 30-70 silk-cotton blend (I sure hope that doesn’t mean this is dry-clean only) and (2) I’ll rarely get to wear this since I wear a uniform to work everyday (I barely get to wear the clothes I already have).

But I want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (in a whiny, bratty voice). Arrrrrrgh.