Dorie Greenspan Cheesecake Perfection

Is it still bragging or gloating if the statement is true? Or if, at the very least, the person who said it thinks it’s true?

I’m asking because as arrogant as this may sound, I really do believe that the cheesecake I made for my brother’s birthday is quite possibly the most perfect tasting cheesecake I have ever had.


In my head, the perfect cheesecake would be a balance between tangy and creamy. It’s only slightly sweet, with a hint of saltiness from the cream cheese coming through. The crust should be moist but still slightly crumbly, and also slightly buttery. Well this Dorie Greenspan recipe is all that and more. It is velvety and silky, probably the smoothest cheesecake I’ve ever had. It was also surprisingly light, considering that the recipe requires FOUR eight oz. packages of cream cheese (or TWO pounds!!). It took some getting used to, since most cheesecakes are of a denser, heavier texture but the lightness of it means you can eat more makes it less filling.

The prep work in making the cheesecake is easy, it’s the waiting that’s a challenge. It takes two and a half hours to cook (one and a half hour with the oven on, another hour with it off and the oven door cracked open). Then it takes a minimum of four hours to cool to room temperature THEN you still have to chill it in the fridge (overnight is best). So this is not the thing to make to satisfy an urgent craving, or you might end up attacking a still-goopy cheesecake. But for occasions that call for something special, this is THE recipe for you.

All that waiting is well worth it, believe you me.Yes, even the overnight wait.

PS: I don’t have a cross-section photo of the cheesecake because I messed up the crust (thick at the corners, thin in the center) and am embarrassed to show how badly I messed it up.

PPS: In Dorie’s epic cookbook, Baking: From my Home to Yours, she has ELEVEN ways to play around with this basic recipe. The award-winning cookbook is worth buying just for THAT, in my opinion