The Long Weekend of Gluttony Pt. 2: Charlie’s

(And we’re back to regular programming, after that unplanned, Tory Burch-induced interruption)

Fresh from the feast that was Hanobe the previous night, my family and I decided to clog our arteries some more with some burgers from Charlie’s.

We actually got lost trying to get there, because the person we asked directions from used Café Juanita as the landmark. Confusion ensued, as there were TWO Café Juanitas within 200 meters of each other in the area. I was getting the this-better-be-worth-it vibe from my hungry family, as we searched for the elusive Charlie’s.

One wrong car wash later, we finally pulled up to Charlie’s and were, errrrrm, underwhelmed. I knew it was going to be beside a car wash but I didn’t expect it to be BESIDE a car wash. Like, you-could-get-splashed-with-the-water-if-you’re-unlucky level of “beside”. But, encouraged by the packed tables and the enviable selection of beers, we ordered.

Everyone had the Angus burger. I shared a double to share with a friend and ordered buffalo wings and a root beer float (yes, I went all out).

The wings were served with their requisite carrot and celery sticks and blue cheese dressing had just the right amount of moldiness. The wings, though, weren’t hot enough for me. In hindsight, maybe I should have ordered the “Nuclear” wings, but I was scared off by the word. I didn’t want the roof of my mouth to be burnt off, as I still had a burger to savor. But other than the disappointing level of spice, they were great. The wings were juicy and tender, with a perfectly balanced sour-salty sauce (what is in red buffalo wing sauce anyway?).

The un-nuclear buffalo wings

Then there was the burger, touted by some as the best in the metro. We ordered them with fries, which were a little bland. But no biggie, I wasn’t there for them anyway. I had high expectations for the burger, and unlike movies starring Jennifer Aniston, it did not disappoint.

Charlie's Double Angus with fries

The beef was juicy and moist but cooked through, a must for me since the thought of steak tartare gives me nightmares. You could tell it was high-grade beef from the flavor of the meat, it was so good you’d want to minimize the ketchup and mayo and mustard you put on it, so that the beef shines through. I even liked how the grease juices soaked the bottom bun with yummy grilled-beef flavor. While personally, I prefer my burgers with a more herb-y flavor (with maybe dried thyme and oregano?), if it’s meatiness that you’re after, then Charlie’s can’t be beat.

Charlie’s Grind and Grilled is located at 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig (just don’t ask me for directions)