Oh, crap, not again…

The bag bug has struck again. And my credit card is now bracing itself for the damage to be done.

I’ve read about the Cambridge Satchel months ago and didn’t like it, really. I found it too rigid and boxy and the leather didn’t look like leather to me. The colors were yummy, but my bag tastes tend to favor neutral basics, with the exception of this lovely Prada. Besides, I already have a satchel, so I didn’t really need another one.

But as any other bag lovin’ gal will tell you, bags are NEVER, ever about need. They fall undeniably and unabashedly into the category of “wants”.

I have no idea what changed me from being deadma about the Cambridge Satchels to being completely obsessed with the Kelly green version. I’m not sure if it was seeing it carried as a clutch or if the relentless PR campaign by its Philippine distributor has finally penetrated my materialistic, consumption-driven brain. I don’t know. What I know is that I want it.


And now I’m torn. I could go to the store and one of two things will happen: (1) I’ll see it, run my hands over it and decide that I don’t want it because it’s too boxy or the leather is too rigid or because I don’t want to have the same handbag as every other fashion-forward wannabe (*wink-wink*) OR (2) I’ll see it, run my hands over it and helplessly hand over my credit card to the sales assistant. 

So I should even tempt fate and go to the store? Or should I heed my credit card’s desperate cries and stay as far away from Rockwell as possible?

Photo via bambooshoot.co.uk