OOTD: Lazy and Loose

This weekend was as lazy as it could possible get, I think. Between the sleep-conducive weather, and the fact that I was at work until midnight on Friday (now that I think about it, that would actually mean Saturday! Uggh!), I could barely peel myself off my bed. I think I was in my pajamas until 2pm on Saturday. But I had errands to run today and pajamas are usually frowned upon in public, so I had to come up with a half-decent outfit. And in keeping with the lazy mood of my life the weekend, this is what I came up with:

Relaxed and easy or lazy and sloppy?

Boyfriend chinos, a loose silk t-shirt and wedges. Even my bag, a hobo with two straps so you could either wear it long or on your shoulder looks lazy.

Quite fittingly, this has always been my lazy day bag

I wish I had the option to dress like this everyday. Not that I’d do it all the time, but it would be nice to have the option to dress more loosely always available to you. Alas, not in the corporate/industrial word I work in. Which I’ll be back to tomorrow. Siiiiiiigh.

This is not just about the shoes

Bear with me. This is post not just about unabashed consumerism.

A couple of posts ago, I was lamenting the unavailability of Renegade Folk’s leopard print moccasins Bold as Love. I was considering their other driving shoe-type style called, well, Driving. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. They were cute, but buying them felt like settling and that’s never a nice a feeling.

So I’ve more or less given up the chase. Then this morning, in my Twitter feed, my Twitter friend Fran sent me a link to the Zara website and these shoes:


I squealed at the sight of this

I actually squealed with delight at my phone. It was perfect because I had errands to run in Shangri-la anyway, so I could just drop by Zara. I scoured the shelves and didn’t find them. The only leopard print shoes they had were sandals and ballet flats. I got passed on to the sales assistant in charge of shoes and was informed that the mocs were from TWO seasons ago and it’s highly unlikely they still had them in stock. Just in case, I had the super nice and super accommodating SA, Jeffrey, call the other Zara branches anyway. Branch by branch, I got more and more disappointed as each one answered in the negative. As a last ditch effort, the darling Jeffrey made a final check of their stock room. And lo and behold, he came out carrying a box. And they were in my size. The box had someone’s name on them so there was a brief moment there when I thought I would have to fight for them, but in the end I went home with these babies:


It goes without saying that I am very, very happy with them. But apart from just the shoes themselves, I love how it all happened. Fran is my friend on Twitter, but I’ve never actually met her, and I suppose you could say that, apart from our cyberspace interactions, we are complete strangers to each other. She was sweet enough to make alternative suggestions to Bold as Love in her comments in the post about the shoes. But she actually sent me a tweet when she saw the Zara ones while she was online window shopping! Isn’t that absolutely thoughtful and so cool of her? I know that Twitter can sometimes is a waste of time, but I love that it also enables random acts of kindness between strangers like this one.

The other piece of this fortuitous puzzle is the lovely Jeffrey, from Zara in Shangri-La. Despite the fact that he believed that the shoes are long gone, he still called all the branches I wanted him to call and with a smile with his face, too. I think most SAs would stop by saying that the shoes were from a long time ago, and that they were all out of stock.  But Jeffrey humored me and called the other stores AND then tried the stock room again (even when the previous SA who first helped me already did). It’s sad to say that not a lot of SAs would make the effort that Jeffrey did. It goes without saying that Jeffrey is now my first ever favorite Zara sales assistant.

So more than being just about the shoes, this post is also a thank you to the thoughtful Fran and the dedicated Jeffrey. They didn’t have to do what they did, but they did it anyway. And it’s always nice when people go out of their way for a stranger, even if it’s just for a pair of leopard print shoes.

Oh, crap, not again…

The bag bug has struck again. And my credit card is now bracing itself for the damage to be done.

I’ve read about the Cambridge Satchel months ago and didn’t like it, really. I found it too rigid and boxy and the leather didn’t look like leather to me. The colors were yummy, but my bag tastes tend to favor neutral basics, with the exception of this lovely Prada. Besides, I already have a satchel, so I didn’t really need another one.

But as any other bag lovin’ gal will tell you, bags are NEVER, ever about need. They fall undeniably and unabashedly into the category of “wants”.

I have no idea what changed me from being deadma about the Cambridge Satchels to being completely obsessed with the Kelly green version. I’m not sure if it was seeing it carried as a clutch or if the relentless PR campaign by its Philippine distributor has finally penetrated my materialistic, consumption-driven brain. I don’t know. What I know is that I want it.


And now I’m torn. I could go to the store and one of two things will happen: (1) I’ll see it, run my hands over it and decide that I don’t want it because it’s too boxy or the leather is too rigid or because I don’t want to have the same handbag as every other fashion-forward wannabe (*wink-wink*) OR (2) I’ll see it, run my hands over it and helplessly hand over my credit card to the sales assistant. 

So I should even tempt fate and go to the store? Or should I heed my credit card’s desperate cries and stay as far away from Rockwell as possible?

Photo via bambooshoot.co.uk

OOTD: The boyfriend outfit

I wish the post title was a reference to my relationship status, but no. Sadly, that’s not the case. So, no. Okay, I’ll stop.

I’m actually being very literal, as what I wore last night was all about the boyfriend: boyfriend jeans and a boyfriend shirt. I’ve finally found a pair of the jeans that Suri’s mom made popular that don’t make me look like I’m swimming in them. I was planning to eat a lot not in a mood to wear something tight, so I paired my jeans with my criminally underused boyfriend shirt.

I just hope I don't look like a boyfriend

 I used to not like boyfriend jeans as they looked ill-fitting. But years of wearing constricting straight leg/skinny jeans will open up your mind to more blood circulation-friendly options. And now, my Uniqlo pair is one of my favorites. Amazing what the constant risk of chafing can do to one’s sartorial choices, no?

The Hermès bag that I would actually buy

If I could afford it, of course, but that’s not the point.

It’s a known fact that the holy grail of all luxury handbags is the iconic Hermès Birkin, with the Hermès Kelly in second place. But personally, neither bag gets my handbag-loving heart aflutter. I do appreciate the amazing handiwork and dedication to quality that both bags (and all Hermès goods, for that matter) represent, but apart from that, the bags do nothing for me. And the same could be said about the other bags in their line. The Marwari, the Jypsiere, the Victoria, the Evelyne… design-wise, I find them all underwhelming, especially given the prices that are charged for them.

I have happily found an exception, though.

These will give any outfit the perfect pop of color

In these delightful candy/highlighter inspired hues, the Hermès Jigé Elan is absolute popsicle perfection. I like the simplicity of the shape, for one.  And, of course, the colors. In black or any other neutral (although this would be nice in camel with the darker trim, too) this would be a little “meh” but these brights make the bag all that more interesting. And the tonal lizard trim not only adds a nice contrast against the solid leather, it also gives the bag a little added texture.

My only complaint with this bag is that it is just a tad too big for a clutch at 15cm x 29 cm x 3xm. But for the $ 4,250 (… excuse me while I pick myself off the floor from the shock) they are charging for it, I think I should be able to fit my entire life inside the Jigé Elan. So I guess I should stop whining.

Photo from Google images (sorry, I can’t seem to find the original source of it. But it certainly looks like an official Hermès photo).

OOTD: Homeward Bound

Yesterday, was our last (half) day in Baguio, and despite the fact that I only had hours between waking and leaving for Manila, I still managed to squeeze in a boot-appropriate outfit for lunch.

Huling hirit!

The idea with this one was that the outfit had to be comfortable enough for the car ride home, hence the leggings and the big cardigan. I just took the belt off and slipped out of the boots into my trusty Birkenstocks, et voila! I was ready for 5 hours of napping in the backseat of our car.

And so it ends. I’m back in Manila, and to the boring shorts, bare necks and sandals. Booooooooooo.

Outfit of the Day: All about the scarf

I saw the scarf while Christmas shopping last year and this is the first time I got to wear it.

Still standing awkwardly

Purple leopard is A LOT of print to wear, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. White shirt, black jeans and my brown boots and bag. My black flat boots would’ve been a better match, but I couldn’t really justify bring two pairs of boots for a two and a half day trip.

Up close

I must say, I love this scarf. It’s huge and surprisingly warm, despite the thin fabric. I can’t wait to wear her out again. Not likely to be soon, though, given the current weather conditions in Manila. *sigh!*

Outfit of the Day: Cold weather, yey!

As some of you may already know, I love, love dressing for cold weather. I think the layering and the essential accessories (jackets and coats, hats, scarves, gloves) makes for more interesting outfits than warm weather. Also, I think it’s normal to want what we can’t have so given that I live in a tropical country, the idea of being in cold weather for even two and a half days gets me in a flurry of excitement.

So please forgive me if I indulge in a little vanity and post pictures of my outfits over the weekend.

I went on leave, just to wear outfits like this... kidding. Kinda.

Some notes:

(1)     I don’t know why in the world I’m standing like this

(2)     Yes, those are the boots I was talking about.

I want: The Gap Dip-dye Boyfriend shirt

This outfit screams “me”.

Jeans: check! Ballet flats: check!

The only thing I lack is the shirt.

I love that the fit is relaxed, but still close to the body. And the ombre/dip-dyed treatment with the lighter blue bottom makes it more interesting than a regular solid-color shirt.

The only things stopping me from buying this are: (1) the price, although I justify it by the fact that it’s a 30-70 silk-cotton blend (I sure hope that doesn’t mean this is dry-clean only) and (2) I’ll rarely get to wear this since I wear a uniform to work everyday (I barely get to wear the clothes I already have).

But I want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (in a whiny, bratty voice). Arrrrrrgh.

Boots in a tropical country aren’t entirely stupid, right?

Before you answer with “yes, they are!” hear me out first.

First of all, I’m not talking about shearling-lined Burberry Prorsum. I’m talking about leather boots, not shoes to keep me from getting frostbite in subzero weather.

Would you laugh at me if I bought these?

Second, they’re flat and are of a reasonable lower-than-mid-calf shaft height, so they are not entirely impractical and unusable in moderate weather.

Third, they are a lovely cognac color that would go with practically every outfit.

Fourth, the country I live in is not ALWAYS warm. We get cold spells, too, like we’re experiencing right now. And it’s been a long one, lasting about a couple of weeks now. And besides, my family and I go up to Baguio a couple of times a year. I could use the boots there.


Would I care if you laughed at me if I bought these?

Fifth, they’re on sale! At 45% off!

So, have I justified buying them already, even if I live in a tropical country? Shouldn’t reason number 6 be enough? Reason 6 being that I really, really want them?

Stock photo from Zappos.com