The UNICEF Tap Project

This is genius.

You can help UNICEF provide much-needed water to children in need via the UNICEF Tap Project.

All you need to do is… nothing, really.

photo 2

You just have to lie your phone flat, and leave it. Even if you’re one of those people who has their phone practically handcuffed to them, you can still help and do this while you’re in the shower, doing chores, or even while you’re sleeping. For every ten minutes you leave your phone untouched, a day’s worth of water for one child is donated by a UNICEF sponsor.

photo 1

This is genius, not only because it couldn’t have made helping out easier, it also puts things into stark perspective. We live in a world where millions do not have regular access to clean water and, yet, somehow, going without one’s phone is considered a “sacrifice.”

The point is further driven home by the factoids and statistics that flash on your phone screen while it’s left idle. The site shares information on the impact of water access on enrollment rates, the reach of UNICEF’s programs, and other water-related facts.

photo 4

When you absolutely have to use your phone already, the timer will stop, and the site will compute for the amount of time your phone was untouched. It then converts your total time into water days:

photo 3

There really is no excuse not to do it. Head on over to UNICEF Tap Project via your mobile, and help provide vital, life-saving water to children in need. Giving back has never been so easy.

Note: If you’re going to this for an extended period of time (yay!), I recommend plugging your phone to a charger. Your screen will be active the entire time, with the timer, and the flashing of the water-related facts, so it will be quite a drain on your battery.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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