Yes or no: White jeans

In my head, I have a list of things I would NEVER wear: white and/or lace leggings, patent platform heels, see-through half-skirts and short-shorts with the pocket linings showing, among other things.

That list also included white jeans. For one, the color usually makes things look wider than they really are  and that’s the last thing my thighs need. For another, my clumsiness usually seems to betray me the most when I’m wearing something I really shouldn’t stain (silk shirts, dry-clean only pants, etc.) so white jeans are not exactly a good idea for me.

But I think I am slowly changing my mind, because look how good Emanuelle Alt, Kate Moss and all these other ladies look in their pristine jeans:

What these ladies paired with their jeans are right up my alley: chambray shirts, blazers in navy and gray, neutral bags and shoes. It all looks so clean, fresh and put together.

Now if I can only make sure I don’t get ketchup, chocolate sauce and/or mustard on them. Barring that, Scotch Guard, maybe?


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