Things not to tweet/post about during a storm

I get it. I really do. What else is social media for but to share your feelings with your friends on Facebook and complete strangers on Twitter. I do that, too. But the line must be drawn somewhere. And I’m not talking about the cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff about your significant other (although please, stop that too). No matter how happy and contented we may be feeling, we should be sensitive to those who may not be feeling the same way during a downpour (or any other calamity for that matter). But for those who need it to be spelled out for them, here you go, my list of things not to tweet and post about during a storm (apart from the obvious Boracay party Instagrams and donation shopping spree updates, of course):

  1. About how much you absolutely LOOOOOVE the rain – Yes, sleeping in when it’s raining is awesome. Settling in with a book and a cup of hot chocolate when it’s pouring out is great, too. You know what’s not? Being stuck in traffic for four hours because of flooding, or, worse: being driven out of your home and losing all your belongings, all because of the rains you loooooooove sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch. Shuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuup.
  2. About how  you live so close to where you work – Trips that usually take 45 minutes to an hour turn into 4-hour-long nightmares whenever there is a significant and widespread downpour. We ALL know our lives would be easier if we lived closer to where we work. We don’t need you to rub it in and read about it while we’re checking Facebook to while away the hours in traffic.
  3. About how you zoomed by the traffic while riding the MRT – I used to take the MRT to work everyday so I know how good it feels to know to fly past the virtual parking lot that is EDSA. Since I drive to work now, I also know how it feels to be sitting in an unmoving car while the MRT roars past. It sucks. And it sucks more when an asshole is being all smug about passing by me on Twitter.

This post “savors strongly of bitterness” (plus points if you know where I cribbed that line from), I know. But that’s what sitting in unmoving traffic for three hours does to a person. A little understanding, a little sensitivity to the plight of thousands of us still in our offices and cars, will go some ways to making us feel better.

Well, not exactly “better,” but at least it will make us feel less like flying at you with rage and a lot of pointy objects.

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