I am constantly amazed by people who do things I can never dream of doing. That group includes Formula 1 drivers, ballet dancers, Beyoncé, figure skaters, gymnasts and artists. The newest member of that group is my cousin Isabel, because she can make these:

tin cards

She makes and designs these cards with her own two hands. The fact that she can think these up is impressive enough. But she also cut these cards by hand. Each and every line and curve, circle and square.

tin cards 2

Distinctive, intricate and delicate, I can only imagine the care, patience and precision that go into making these. These cards would be perfect for that heartfelt thank you note. They would also make perfect gifts for that person who’s impossible to shop for. They’re actually pretty enough to frame.

Whatever I decide to do with mine, all I know is that these cards will be treasured and taken care of, like little works of art. Because that’s what they are. And I’m not just saying that because my cousin made them.

To order these cards at PHP 120 each,  you can email my cousin Isabel  at isabelsbayani@gmail.com

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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