My food Bucket List

I have a long, long list of recipes I want to try out, from cookbooks and from the internet. If I cooked one everyday, I would probably be cooking for the next few months. Some things I just noted in passing but some  things are just foods I really love and want to make my own version of.

Below is a list of the latter group. My food bucket list of sorts. Things I’m desperate to make but haven’t either because (1) I don’t have the tools to make them (i.e. food processor) or (2) I haven’t found the perfect recipe to take the plunge with or (3) I’m too daunted by how complicated they seem and, almost always, (4) they scare me sh*tless. Yes, I’m weird. We’ve long established that.

  • Lemon Curd– it’s creamy, velvety and filled with lemon-y goodness. What’s not to love? I’ve had this with Greek yogurt at Breakfast at Antonio’s and it was really wonderful. Sunshine in a teaspoon. Another argument for making this is that I can use it for item #2 below:
  • Lemon Meringue Cupcakes- Isabella, the first winner of Junior Masterchef Australia, made this on the show and all the judges went crazy for them. I wanted to reach through the screen and grab one from Isabella’s work station. Little Red Hen’s lime version of this is citrus-y perfection, and I’ve been dreaming of having something similar, if not exactly the same. Since I haven’t seen anyone offering lemon/lime curd-filled meringue topped wonders, then I really don’t have a choice but to make my own.

  • Pierre Hermé’s Lemon Tart –So I guess there’s a theme. I keep kicking myself for not getting one of these in Paris. Dorie Greenspan sings praises of  this tart in her cookbook, making me even more desperate to make it. Alas, I don’t have the tools that I need to make it (food processor, tart pan). Nor do I have the guts (yet, at least) to take on a world-famous pastry from an even more famous pastry chef.
  • Crack Pie – I don’t think we really need to go through why again.
  • A really, really good burger – I kind of feel that a burger is something everyone should know how to make, like a steak. Or is that just burger-obsessed me? And I’m not talking fancy, gourmet style burgers stuffed with foie gras or blue cheese, even. Just a basic, medium-cooked burger on a generously buttered toasted bun, with  lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, good cheddar and maybe a strip of bacon. Being able to make that should be a basic skill, right?
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken– I can’t count how many Food Network shows I’ve watched where they showed crispy, juicy and moist buttermilk fried chicken being touted as the best of Southern/comfort/diner/food truck/Soul food. And I want me some of that!

  • Perfect French Fries – After burgers and fried chicken, I might as well complete the holy trinity of junk food. The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect French Fries require a lot of REALLY hot oil, a thermometer (anything apart from the oven that needs to be heated to a certain temperature is scary to me), frying the potatoes twice… basically it’s a lot of work. But apparently double-frying is key to get perfect fries (baked fries, while delicious, do NOT count as the real thing, in my book). Even the Queen of Goop says so. But before I get to experience the perfect french fry, I need to get over my fear of 400º oil splattering all over me.

I really don’t know when I will start tackling all of these. For some of these, I have valid reasons for not making them yet (for instance, the search for freeze dried corn powder for Crack Pie still continues). But mostly, I’m worried about messing up, wasting all that food and putting all that effort into something that may not turn out as good as I built them up in my head.

Hmmm, if I had a shrink, I wonder what he/she would say about thoughts like these?

But never mind that. Do you have things that you want but are scared to make?

Please click on the images for the sources.

3 thoughts on “My food Bucket List

  1. I got to watch a few episodes of Pioneer Woman while I was visiting my sister in Oklahoma. Apparently she is from OK. And she’s rich because her husband is a rancher and most ranchers are wealthy.

    My sister commented that she didn’t understand why she branded herself as “Pioneer Woman” when really, what she’s done is anything but pioneering – she has all these modern conveniences, she even uses a DSLR for blogging. I just think there’s a huge disconnect with her branding of herself as a “pioneer” of sorts.

    PS. I think Trisha Yearwood now has a cooking show too. Is that the trend these days? For singers (or country singers at least) to suddenly have cooking shows? What gives?

    • I don’t particularly like Ree (the PW), although I think the use of “pioneer” here is different from the “trailblazer” definition we’re used to. I think it’s being used in more of the “settler” sense of the word here, given her family’s ranch. But anyway, like you, I don’t particularly buy her schtick, plus I’ve read a lot of shady stuff about her. But according to a friend, these fries are REALLY yummy, and I’ll take a good recipe, regardless of how I feel about the person it’s from. Haha.

      • My sister said she has tried some of the recipes but I can’t remember which ones. She said they’re okay but that some of the ingredients didn’t have be of a certain brand. I think that’s why she really doesn’t buy the whole Pioneer Woman thing. And apparently, my sister’s other friends in OK feel the same way.

        I don’t think I ever got to taste buttermilk fried chicken but man, Southern cooking is really different. Meaning nakakataba talaga! Really good but equally deadly on the waistline. 😛

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