My favorite moment from the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics have given us a lot of memorable moments already, and they’re not even done yet. Usain Bolt’s amazing performance on the track. The dramatic turnaround of Michael Phelps’ games. South Korean fencer Shin A-lam’s dramatic protest and subsequent defeat. Mckayla Maroney’s meme-launching facial expression after only winning the silver in the vault. There are countless other moments, good and bad, that have made these games memorable.

However, strangely enough, the images that struck a chord with me the most, the ones that I keep coming back to were not of sporting action. They don’t even feature athletes. Instead, they feature people in the stands, granted, they’re not your ordinary sports fans:

I know it may seem silly to some people how these are my favorite photos from the Olympics so far… but. BUT. These are just too friggin’ adorable. And endearing. And, also, poignant.

As with the wedding, seeing William and Kate so happy (and Harry, too) is always tinged by regret. Regret that his mother is not around to see this, how her son has grown, chosen right and seems to have what she never had in her own marriage.

But that’s just a tinge. Overall, I’m just so ridiculously and illogically happy for these two. There’s just something about these two, and how obviously crazy they are about each other, how happy they are in these pictures (celebrating a Team GB win in cycling), how unguarded they are in this moment (outside of the wedding, have you ever seen a picture of them holding hands?) that just make me so happy for them. You get a sense that they’ve gotten it right, these two, and that’s quite remarkable given, you know, his parents. The scrutiny they live under. And the fact that she’s been nicknamed Waity Katie and all that implies.

So yeah, call me weird, but this just might be my favorite moment from the Olympics. Probably followed by the rumored Spice Girls reunion performance in the closing ceremonies.

Photos via Go Fug Yourself. You can click on the pictures for direct individual sources.

One thought on “My favorite moment from the Olympics

  1. I love, love, love their relationship. Much more if you throw Harry into the mix. Kate is like the daughter Charles never had. I’m glad there’s not much pressure for an heir yet. Let them enjoy married life first. 🙂 And yes, that picture is all sorts of adorable.

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