I’m pretty sure y’all know what the real title of this post should be…

I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit how happy this picture made me when I first saw it. I actually let out a loud gasp.

All five Backstreet Boys. Together. As it should be.

Kevin’s return to the group was announced months ago, and my reaction then was already… well, let’s just say I did not take the news calmly. But this photo made it that more real. This is it. The thing I (and millions of other BSB fans) have been hoping for since Kevin announced his leaving the group has happened. After six years, he’s back.

Backstreet’s Back. Alright!

(yeah, I actually went there. Hahaha!)

And what’s even better than a picture of the guys in a van together? A picture of the boys singing for their new album!!!

Or a picture of the boys holding random instruments making music together again! With Kevin possibly playing the piano (and not just randomly standing near one)!


My thirteen year-old self is dying with glee and anticipation right now! Okay, okay, my 20-something self is, too.

All photos from Kevin Richardson’s Twitter account

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