Cebu, B?

Note: If you know where the title comes from, high five!

I have been MIA from this blog for over the week because I was in Cebu for a half work trip/half holiday. And despite the work part (hehe), it was a great trip, and was my first beach trip of the year (and in the end of June, too!).

What made even the work part was great was the fact that we didn’t spend the time cooped up in some resort conference room 80% of the time. The fact that activities started at 10am instead of the usual 8:30 or 9 was a plus, too, since it gave me chance to lounge around on the beach and catch some pre-noon sun.


Apart from catching some sun on the beach, what else is there to do in Cebu? Well, duh. Reward yourself for all that pre-bikini dieting with some lechon!

Lechon Cebu is my favorite. With regular lechon, only the skin is worth the calories, really. But with Lechon Cebu, the meat is soooooo flavorful, since the lechon’s cavity is filled with garlic, lemongrass and other secret ingredients. And one of the most popular lechon brands in Cebu is Zubuchon. Since a Zubuchon branch was conveniently located in Mactan, it was our go-to place for greasy, crispy roast pork goodness:


And if you’re still haven’t had enough of lechon the regular way, Zubuchon has more pork-laden options for you. Craving for a vegetable dish? There’s sauteed kangkong with lechon.  Got a hankering for soup? There’s monggo soup with lechon (it was yummy!).

But the standout non-lechon-but-with-lechon dish for me would be this:


Sizzling squid stuffed with lechon. I don’t even like squid that much. But I LOVED this.

Then you wash all that lechon down with their Kamias shake. I was worried that this would be too sour, but it was perfect. Like a green mango shake with a little bit more edge. Apparently it also has some fat-fighting properties. So obviously, I ordered this the two times I went to Zubuchon.


And, though it seems that way, I didn’t live in Zubuchon (or in the hotel it was located in). For the personal part of my trip, this where I stayed:


Crimson Resort and Spa

Although you can’t see them in this picture, they have these wave-shaped couches that are deadly. Sit on one of those (even without the cushions they put), and be prepared to not get up for hours, under normal circumstances. Add a sea breeze to that equation? Consider yourself glued to the couch. Like I said, deadly.

Le sigh. I haven’t been back a week and I already want to go back to Cebu. For the beach. For that couch. Okay, fine, for the lechon, too.


Feel free to let me know what you think!

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