April: Honey Vanilla Pound Cake

It’s May already, I know. But I did not cook anything for my cooking challenge in April as I was too wrapped up in baking two birthday cakes and three batches of birthday cupcakes. Ah, but enough of my excuses, here’s my April recipe, cooked in May (and yes, I know I’m still behind with my May recipe): Ina Garten’s Honey Vanilla Pound Cake.

I’ve loved pound cake since I was a kid, when one of my aunt’s friends had a cafe and pound cake was one of their specialties. I even like the frozen Sara Lee ones (bad, I know). I like how it’s so dense and simple and wholesome. But it’s been a while since I’ve had a good slice of pound cake, so when I saw this recipe in Ina’s Back to Basics cookbook, I knew I wanted to make it.

Ina’s version of the recipe had, as the name suggests, vanilla and honey and also some lemon zest. I was actually a little worried that it would be more lemony than it should be because it really smelled like lemon while it was baking. Not that that would be a bad thing, not just what I would’ve expected from something called “Honey Vanilla Pound Cake”.


Again, I never should’ve second guessed Ina. While it smelled very lemony while in the oven, there was only a very subtle hint of the flavor in the finished product. The pound cake was as I remembered pound cake to be: dense, tender, buttery. I ate mine with a drizzle of local honey and it was delish.

Delicious, easy to make with easy-to-find ingredients, I think this is great to make for the weekend, and then to take slices of as snacks for work or for the kiddies. It’s pretty easy to jazz up, too, not just with honey but with raspberry or strawberry jam, a chocolate sauce or a vanilla one or even Nutella. OMG, I actually just thought of that right now (as I was typing “vanilla”), and that sounds delicious.

And I don’t know about you, but I think the fact that it’ll go well with Nutella is reason enough to make it.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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