Red velvet cheesecake brownies!!!!

I know, it’s the second post in a row where I have multiple exclamation points in the title, but these really, really deserve the additional punctuations.

Because, come on. They are Red Velvet. CHEESECAKE (!!). Brownies.

I got this recipe from my friend Janice, and this is the second red velvet brownie recipe she’s recommended me to make. I haven’t tried the first one, mainly because I was very loyal to my Red Velvet Cupcake and I felt that making another Red Velvet something would be… cheating. Yes, I do realize how weird that sounds.

But then she blogged about these babies, and I needed no convincing. Red Velvet AND cheesecake in one? … Cupcake who?

Because, shocker, these brownies might be my favorite Red Velvet something ever. For one thing, look at them:




So prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

For another, they are absolutely delicious. And it’s quite unfair, really, that something this pretty actually even tastes better than it looks. These are fantastic. Wonderful. Yummmmehhhh. Da bomb. The bee’s knees. Yeah, I’ll stop here as I’ve been reduced to using metaphors that don’t make sense (do bees actually have knees? If yes, how did their leg joints come to mean the same as “awesome”? And if they don’t actually have knees, I’m gonna be even more confused than I already am).

The red velvet base is dense and fudgy, with just the right hint of chocolate. Then the cheesecake layer has that trademark cream cheese tanginess and a slightly lighter texture to counterbalance the heaviness of the red velvet. I would eat the individual layers on their own, they’re that good. But together?


So yes, not only do these Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies deserve additional exclamation points, they also warrant weird metaphors and crazy random typing.

In other words, make them. NOW.

6 thoughts on “Red velvet cheesecake brownies!!!!

  1. Kat: Remind me to boycott your blog when I’m on a diet 😦
    Or at least post a warning before each post: “Beware: Reading this while trying to lose weight will cause PAIN!!!”

    • Awwww, Maddi. A cheat day is allowed, for sure?

      But good for you. I don’t have the discipline and will power to go on a diet. 🙂

  2. wow…looks yummy! did you use unsweetened chocolate and unsalted butter? may i ask how many cups is 2 oz?
    will bookmark this too 🙂

    • Hi Beth! I used unsalted butter and bittersweet chocolate. The chocolate I buy already comes in one ounce squares. So I’m not sure how many cups that is. I’m sure you can find some information online to help you.

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