March: Ina Garten’s Tuscan Chicken

In my cupcake-baking frenzy, I almost forgot about my 2012 Cooking Challenge. Thankfully, the whole point of Ina Garten’s Back to Basics cookbook is that you can make delicious meals with the ingredients you already have on hand.

In this case, the ingredients were chicken, lemon, garlic, rosemary and olive oil (from that list alone, you know the flavors are going to be great, no?). That pretty much sums up Ina’s Tuscan Lemon Chicken. Apart from the fact that no fancy schmanzy ingredients are required to make this, I can’t think of an easier dish to make, apart from rice in a rice cooker, maybe. The night before we were going to have this for dinner, I mixed all the ingredients in a Pyrex, put the chicken in, covered it, put it in the fridge and forgot about it. Took it out the next evening and had it grilled.

We sauteed the remaining marinade, with all the bits of garlic and rosemary, quickly in a pan to use as a dipping oil sauce for more fat flavor. This is totally unnecessary of course, but it is absolutely heavenly when mixed with rice. Just keep telling yourself it’s olive oil anyway.

The other great thing about this dish is that it’s completely versatile, you can choose to bake it in the oven if you want (check the comments section of the Food Network page for temperatures and times), choose your favorite chicken parts to use, add in your favorite herbs, if rosemary is not your thing. Leftover options are endless, too. You can top a salad with the chicken, use it in a sandwich. My sister and I are currently dreaming of a pesto-chicken-bacon combination. Yummmmmm.

Yet another easy, delicious meal from Ina. But really, I didn’t expect any less.

One thought on “March: Ina Garten’s Tuscan Chicken

  1. Just keep telling yourself it’s olive oil anyway. – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laugh trip Kats! Hahahaha!

    Yay for Ina Garten. I love her to death. I’m checking out cooking blogs in Spanish now so I haven’t been making her stuff. Besos Kats!

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