I may have a problem

They say the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one. So here I am, admitting that I may have an addiction.

To food. To cooking. To baking.

I suppose it started with this harmless post. From wanting to cook a few dishes every month I now think about food and recipes every free minute (and even during moments that weren’t technically free) of my time. And that really is not an exaggeration. I think of food ALL. THE. TIME. And, not just food in general, but food I want to make.

I partly blame Nigella Lawson, Ina Garten, Chrissy Teigen and my friends J and Janice for this. Nigella’s, Ina’s and Chrissy’s influence on my life have been previously documented here. As for J and Janice, between the three of us, we have exchanged over two hundred (yup!) emails, Facbeook posts and links for recipes, Instagram food photos, cooking appliances and utensils in a span of two months. Yes, my friends are as crazy as I am.

Like, how crazy?

Well, apart from my head (and J’s and Janice’s too!) buzzing with recipes and cooking/baking things I want to buy (cupcake liners, spoonulas, covered cake stands, etc.), it also spills over to my Twitter feed, my Facebook wall, my Instagram and my Pinterest boards. I also live in fear of running out of butter, flour and vanilla just in case I get the sudden impulse to whip up a batch of cupcakes. So there’s always a minimum of four sticks of butter in our fridge. I’ve also been actively looking for occasions, ANY occasion to bake for. My cousin had her birthday last week and I made her birthday cake. Unfortunately, hers is the last birthday for TWO whole months, and I am now desperate for any reason to bake a cake (I have two recipes I want to try). I actually asked my mom, “Are you sure no one’s having a birthday soon?” in an accusatory tone when I realized the next family birthday was in April.

And this week, I baked not one, not two, but FOUR batches of cupcakes. I made Red Velvet cupcakes on Monday, Friday and today and a batch of chocolate cupcakes yesterday.


This is the best ever Red Velvet cupcake I’ve ever had, by the way.

When I find a recipe, or finally get my hands on a hard to find ingredient (buttermilk), I actually need to make the recipe as soon as humanly possible. And it doesn’t help that the results are delicious (I’m not saying this to take any credit, the recipes are genius) and that I can’t stop eating what I make. When I ate the last cupcake from my first batch of Red Velvet, I wanted to whip up a new batch right after. I didn’t, though, but only because it was too late to start baking.

This makes me SO happy.

And, no, I can’t explain this mania, this sudden passion to find the best recipes out there, make them and of course, EAT them. Not that I really need an explanation, but it does take me aback sometimes when I think about how much of my time (and thighs) is now taken up by food and how SUDDEN this all was. From cooking once a week around the time of that “I want to cook!” post, I am now in the kitchen 5 out of nights of the week, researching recipes when I’m at work when I’m not actually cooking them.

A friend of mind thinks that I found my calling and my passion. She thinks that I should start thinking about making it my living. I brush and laugh her comments off because, duh, I’ve just been doing this for a couple of months. Not to mention that actually thinking about that, considering devoting my time to food full time, while exciting, scares the sh*t out of me. So I’d rather not think about that for now until I’m sure this is not just a crazy phase.

Plus, I have no time to think about that now. I’ve got room temperature butter and cream cheese waiting to be whipped into frosting.

PS: Click here for the recipe for those wonderfully red, moist and tasty red velvet cupcakes, and here for the cream cheese frosting. I only use between 1.5-2 cups of the icing sugar instead of the four (!!!) the recipe calls for. If you need it to be stiffer for piping, then add the icing sugar gradually until you get to your desired consistency. But taste is the priority for me over pipe-ability.

14 thoughts on “I may have a problem

  1. The one where I order my red velvet cupcakes from actually resigned from her corporate job so that she can concentrate on her baking business. ^___^ I’d say if it feels right for you even after a few months then go heed your friend’s thoughts.But in the meantime, keep your food posts coming! Hehe.

  2. I am getting you, as I love cooking and baking, too. I often read cook books for pleasure, just because it cheers me up. And I cook almost every day. But I know I only love it as a hobby. I would not like to cook/bake every day. I would hate that. So, you need to decide for yourself- would you like to do this for a living? Or is it only fun as long as your income does not depend on it?
    Btw thank you for the salted butter CCC recipe. Never seen anything like it. I may try it next month – and tell you how it turned out.

  3. Your food posts makes me love reading your blog so much more! 🙂 I just tried the red velvet cupcake recipe this morning just because of this post. Did you really put that much confectioners’ sugar? My mom found it too sweet. 😦 I’m thinking of maybe just using 3 or 2 cups next time.

  4. Rose: Well, if ever I decide to do that, it’ll be a loooong way down the road. But for now, you betcha the food posts will keep on coming. 🙂

    Christina: I completely agree, I’m having a blast now, but of course I know turning this into my living will probably be even more stressful than my current day job. So, yes, there’s a lot to reflect on and think about IF ever I seriously consider doing that… And yes, do let me know how the cupcakes turn out!

    Rein: Thank you! I appreciate your comment so much! 🙂 As for the frosting recipe, I just use half of the frosting recipe for 12 cupcakes, which translates to just 2 cups of icing sugar. I also cut the sugar to one and a half cups, which I probably should’ve said in my note. So if you’re making the full recipe, then that’s three cups. Maybe the next time you make it (I hope you give it a second chance) you can add the sugar a cup (or half cup, after the 2nd full cup) at a time and taste as you go? Good luck the next time you make it and let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m sorry. I probably got too excited that I completely forgot to read the rest of your entry after clicking on the links. Haha! I’m doing it again this weekend. Will surely let you know how it turns out. 😉 Thanks, Kat!

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