This is why I love Ina

First it was the baked herbed eggs (aka: the best egg dish EVER!). And then there was this:

Croissant bread pudding

Ina Garten’s Croissant Bread Pudding

I mean, come on. How good does that look?

And I’m not saying it to try to fish for compliments and get credit for all this. My point is that it’s all Ina. Ina “How easy is that?” Garten.

Because it IS easy but the end result still looks and, more importantly, tastes fantastic. A prime example of this is the Croissant Bread Pudding pictured above. You basically just mix the custard, pour it on the croissants and then bake it. And the result is this wonderfully golden brown concoction that looks like I spent hours molding the bread to make it look like that on top.

And that’s why I love Ina. She makes me look like I’m awesome when all I really did was take store-bought bread and poured milk and eggs over them.

4 thoughts on “This is why I love Ina

    • Hahaha! Mine is that they adopt me as their daughter, so we’ll be neighbors in our fantasy lives! I’ll always have you over, I promise! Baked goods and cocktails for everyone!

    • Hi Jen!! Yup, it’s really, really yummy. The croissants are ever so slightly salty and buttery and perfect against the creaminess of the custard. Good luck if you decide to make these!

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