Trench coats + La marinière + little girls = perfection

I know there’s something not right about a grown woman (really, me?) seeing a girl’s outfit and immediately thinking, “I want what she’s wearing!” And we’re not talking a teenage girl here (ewwww, have you seen what teenage girls have been wearing lately?), we’re talking a girl who probably doesn’t even go to elementary school yet.

But I guess when the little girl we’re talking about is Françoise Durand, French Vogue editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt’s daughter, I guess I’m excused, right? Because how chic is her outfit here?

A trench coat (Burberry, bien sûr), a Breton top, skinny jeans and ballet flats. If my budget and Philippine weather allowed it, I could and would wear this outfit every day.

Okay, maybe I’ll change it up a little. Change into looser pants, change up the shoes and end up with something like this:

How awesome is this little girl’s outfit? And she’s absolutely rocking it with her “whatcha lookin’ at?” stare and her pose. The popped collar, the pulled up sleeves, her cuffed jeans just scream effortless cool.

Yes, I know the words “chic” and “effortless cool” are not exactly the words you usually associate with toddlers’ outfits. Some people might even say it’s creepy that I’m dissecting the outfits of these girls like they were my contemporaries. But, but, but… can you really blame me for wanting their outfits?

photos via jak and jil blog and curatedtaste.tumblr

5 thoughts on “Trench coats + La marinière + little girls = perfection

  1. when my girl was little, i dressed her up the way i wanted, although not as chic-ly as these gorgeous girls in the pics.. turn back the hands of time i would have. but i’m so glad my love for fashion/accessories & dressing up rubbed off on her, and at 12 she is developing her own style. but when you have your own little one kat, please dress her up as much as you can while she is little because it’s only a matter of time til she will refuse what you buy her…mine started early, by grade 1, she refused to wear stuff i bought without her approval!

    • Well, kids are a long way down the road for me, but one thing is for sure, I will force-dress my little kids until I can get away with it! Haha. I’ve seen way too many photos like the one above, of Suri Cruise and the Beckham kids to not try. Even my future sons will not be safe! 🙂

  2. am i the only one scared with this photo?
    alt’s kid is adorable but the the model kid is a no.
    it’s grown up styling on a little kid, even the expression on her face is mature.

    • Well, maybe it’s because I’ve seen much, much worse “adult-ization” (for lack of a better word) of little girls in fashion magazines, that I wasn’t really particularly bothered by the second photo. In terms of the styling, everything she’s wearing is something a little girl would wear, they only popped the collar on the trench and cuffed the pants. But I will agree that her expression is a little too, ummmm, “fierce” (I’m using the Tyra Banks definition here) for a little girl.

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