Customer service hell

Globe Telecom customer service is appalling. Period.

I hate to do this here but I’m too pissed to let this go. Grrrrrrrr. So, deep breath, and here we go.

This all started last week when I decided to UPGRADE my plan (i.e. give them more money). I made the phone call to their customer service hotline, spoke to an agent who then processed my request. I was then put on hold while she was processing the request and got cut off. The agent didn’t leave me with a reference number, so I had to call again and go through the entire process of going through their menu and explaining the whole thing to the second agent. But ok, fine.

The second agent then tells me that she can’t upgrade my plan until I pay my outstanding balance on my account (about 500 PHP). I asked her why the first agent didn’t require this of me, as she was already processing the request when I got cut off. The second agent was adamant that paying the balance was a requirement to the change of plan and that she couldn’t proceed with the change of plan until it was settled. Ok, fine.

Just for the heck of it, though, I called a third time, just to see if I the third agent will give me a third version of the story. And, well, whaddya know. The third agent now tells me that she cannot process the request because changes are not allowed +/- 4 days from your cut off date, and it was exactly 4 days before my cut-off. Again, I asked why none of the other previous agents mentioned this requirement (take note, this 3rd agent didn’t even mention my outstanding balance) . I would’ve been saved a lot of time and unnecessary aggravation if the 1st agent just told me to call back 4 days after my cut-off. But ok, fine.

I just then asked if it was possible to have my request on record early, and for them to just process it 4 days after my cut-off, as I didn’t want to call and go through the entire thing again for the FOURTH time. The agent said that this was possible, and that she will personally process my request on the proper date, without me having to call again.

The nagger in me decided to call and check on the 4th day after my cut-off, just to make sure that my request was going to be processed. Surprise, surprise, there was no record of my request (lesson learned: always get a reference number) to upgrade my plan. I had to make the request a FOURTH time. I asked about how I was going to be billed, since I was on my old plan for the first 4 days of my cycle, and will be on an unlimited plan for the rest. Apparently, they don’t pro-rate the unlimited plan regardless of when it’s activated because, according to the agent, it’s unlimited and you pay for it whether you use it or not. And my reply to that (in my head only of course, not to the agent) is “RIPOFF!” So basically, they’re saying, if you activate your unlimited plan on the last day of your cycle (or actually, 5 days before the end of your cycle given the stupid +/- 4 day rule) you have to pay the full unlimited plan cost, as if you were on it the entire month plus the prorated cost of your old plan, which might as well be the full month’s cost, give or take a couple of days. Again, ripoff. But I was going to be on the new plan by the 5th day anyway, so, ok. Fine.

I was told that there was a 24 hour monitoring period. Also, any calls or text I made that day were also going to be incremental charges, since my old plan was deactivated, and the unlimited plan wasn’t active yet, so I was to be “plan-less” for a day (annoying). I might also experience service interruption while my request was being processed. Fine. Fine. Fine.

And it’s like Globe wanted to test the extreme limits of my patience. My new plan wasn’t activated yet 24 hours after my request was processed. And as of now, I am still unable to send and receive text messages. I had to call Globe 4 times after the 24 hour hour window passed because I got cut off THREE times (seriously, what’s up with that? Why do consumers get cut off from the hotline, even when using a landline?) and was on hold for a minimum of 10 minutes each time before I got to talk to a customer service rep. And I swear, each time I had to key in my mobile, tell the CSR my mobile number again (what’s up with that, too? Why ask me to key my number to begin with if you’re going to ask for it anyway?), tell them my problem, give them the reference number which I’ve already memorized at that point… I really, really felt like hitting something. GRRRRRRRRRR.

The sad thing is, it’s not like I’m going to switch to another network, even if I wanted to. Applying for a new line is such a pain, probably 95% of my contacts are on Globe, my current mobile is locked with Globe and I hear the other network’s service is not exactly any better.

So yeah. I’m stuck (it seems like we all are) in customer service hell.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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