French Apple Tart!!

As you may or may not not know, I’ve been itching to cook lately as result of some really delicious food I’ve been having and been reading about. Well, I finally got to cooking last weekend, although my attempt at the pasta from that post was a failure because I couldn’t find the right sausage. This weekend, thankfully, my attempts met with more success.

I saw Ina Garten make her French Apple Tart on her show, and I thought it looked delicious and pretty easy to make. The recipe was quite simple and there were no fancy-schmanzy ingredients that needed to be found (I nixed the Calvados liqueur). And so here goes:

I will admit, I cheated with the dough. I got over-excited at Santi’s and bought puff pastry, completely forgetting that Ina made her own pastry. But it was good I did, since we didn’t own a food processor, and I didn’t want to mix the dough by hand. I was too lazy worried that I might under/overwork the dough. Another thing I forgot: to trim the dough to a perfect rectangle. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I didn’t think to do that (especially since when I saw Ina do it) and I left the dough in this shape:


Clearly, my common sense left me at this juncture

Laying out the apples in perfect diagonal rows wasn’t as easy as Ina made it look, and it took a while for me to get it right. And while I did overlap the apples, I ended up with a lot of extra apples (which my dog was very thankful for). In hindsight, I should’ve crammed them in closer, since the apples shrunk during the baking process, leaving some apple-less spaces between even if I did overlap them.


I’m also changing the sugar I’ll be using the next time a bake the tart. We don’t have any white sugar at our house which is why I ended up using brown and I found that the brown sugar caramelizes a little too quickly for this. I could already smell burnt sugar coming from the oven, even before the pastry was cooked, so one small corner of the pastry ended up coated with bitter burnt sugar underneath. So the next time I make this (which is tonight, probably) I’m using white sugar.

Although there’s still room for improvement, I’m pretty happy with the way the tart turned out.


It was buttery (did you see how much butter I put?), sweet but a little tart from the apricot jelly glaze. The juices from the apples ooze out of the fruit and into the puff pastry so it’s filled with apple-y goodness. And the pastry is a little soft on top from that, but still so flaky and perfect at the bottom. I’m probably never going to make my own pastry for this anymore, since the ready-made alternative is already so awesome.

So, yes, I’m pretty happy with this little project of mine and am looking looking forward to my next project: Paula Deen’s Lotsa Meat Lasagna, as cribbed from Chrissy Teigen. Check back soon on how that turned out.

3 thoughts on “French Apple Tart!!

    • Thanks, Conor. Yes, it’s really easy to do. The dough in the recipe looks quite easy to do as well, since it’s just a matter of dumping everything into the processor and pulsing. And the results are fantastic. This will be something I’ll be making a lot. 🙂

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