Best app ever!

If you have an iPhone or an iTouch or an iPad, download this, quick!

This is seriously the funnest app ever. It’s basically Taboo for your iPhone/iTouch. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but wait ’til you start playing. If you get the right group of people to play (loud, good vocabulary, creative, wildly competitive) then you’re in for a fun and crazy time. My friends and I played this during a bus ride for a work trip, and half an hour in we were exhausted from laughing, swearing shouting and guessing. And we were all sober at the time, too. Which gives me an idea… Bleep as a drinking game!

I digress… So anyway, I would give you your money back if you didn’t have a fun time with Bleep, that’s how sure I am about this. But it’s a free app, anyway. Which gives you more reason to download it now! So go!

2 thoughts on “Best app ever!

  1. My friends and I are addicted to Taboo! We once played a few games at work during lunchtime and OMG, our noise levels were just too much, we were told off. 😛

    I miss playing it actually. The game brings out all the “dirt” in us. 😛 Hahahaha!

    I’ll recommend this to friends who have iPhones and iPads. Thanks!

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