I never appreciated the Versace aesthetic. The prints, the colors are just too much for boring ol’ me. But I have no problem with Versace and with the people who choose to rock the brand’s navel-baring, slit-to-to-THERE dresses. You know, to each his own.

These, though, I cannot and refuse to be open-minded about:

And, no, I don’t think it’s a matter of taste. It’s a fact: these bags from the Versace and H&M collaboration are ugly. Actually, “ugly” doesn’t quite cut it. Gaudy, tacky and they even look cheaper than they are (and since they’re already from H&M, that’s saying something). Some people might say that since I was never a fan of the brand to begin with, I’m automatically predisposed to dislike these. But no, I think these bags are fugly enough for me to be able to objectively say that these bags are just gross.

So gross, that one commenter on The Purse Blog said that the bags look like something you’d see on the Jersey Shore. I beg to differ. I don’t think even Snooki would come near these, even SHE carries a Gucci handbag now.

Photos from The Purse Blog.

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