I. DIED… and then I didn’t

I was checking my Twitter feed today and saw this tweet from Divasoria. And I think I peed my pants a little when I read the words “Iker” and “visit” and “soon”.

Iker Casillas AND Raúl visiting the Philippines? Iker AND Raúl? asjvxciovbapubgqfndjknvpoiakldfnpksdvnptbg!!!!

There are not enough words to express how (and I’m loathe to use this word but I can’t think of a better alternative) EPIC it would be to have these two Real Madrid stars (yes, I know Rulo plays in Germany now, but who are we kidding?) visit Manila. Iker, the current RMCF and Spain NT captain and Raúl, former RMCF captain. Both symbols of all things Madridista. And I am crazy about them both.

But even as I was reading the article itself, I found my excitement waning quickly. It was always going to be a long shot anyway, since Iker and Raúl, apart from the fact that they used to play together, are no longer affiliated with each other in any way. They don’t share a sponsor, they don’t play in the same league so there really is no logical reason for them to go on a promotional visit to the Philippines together.

The biggest warning, though, that this was all BS was the fact that the statements were made by the man nicknamed “President Tourettes” by the Spanish press (by Sid Lowe, actually). The moment I saw Ramon Calderon’s name… pffffffft… I knew he was talking out of his ass. Calderon made questionable comments about Real Madrid even while president (hence the nickname), and as much as I would want to, I’m sure as hell not going to believe anything he says about Madrid or a Madrid player now.

The name-dropping he resorts to is quite hilarious actually. Blatter, Platini, Breckenbauer… uhhhh, really? I think it’s fair to say that UEFA President Platini and FIFA President Blatter have more important things on their plate right now than developing football in the Philippines at the behest of, of all people, Ramon Calderon. And with no involvement at all in Real Madrid or FIFA or UEFA or the entire sport of football for that matter, Calderon has no business talking about the possibility of  a footballing academy in the Philippines or, sadly, a Philippine visit by Iker or Raúl or any football player worth mentioning for that matter.

So all that talk was just Calderon being who he is, President Tourettes. Saying things he shouldn’t say, making statements he had no right to make, and getting my hopes up and then dashed within a paragraph… pffffffft.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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