A new favorite

My usual order at Café Breton is the Adam and Eve. It’s a crêpe with stewed apples, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon and I order it with additional Nutella (a MUST!). It’s delicious and I highly recommend it.

But I’ve found a new favorite:

There has been a photo of the butter, sugar and lemon crêpe on the Breton menu for ages, but I only gave it a try about a month ago. And I’ve ordered it on every visit since (3 visits in 4 weeks). It’s a simple butter and sugar crêpe, perfect in the balance between the sugar and the subtle saltiness of the butter.  But then you squeeze the lemon wedge all over, that wonderful, citrus-y juice then dissolves the sprinkled confectioner’s sugar on top… and just like that, the basic (but already good on its own) crêpe is taken to the next level.

Salty, sweet and lemon-y. LOVE.

For Café Breton has branches, click here.


Feel free to let me know what you think!

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